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HughesNet is available everywhere, from coast-to-coast and is America’s #1 choice for high-speed satellite internet service. HughesNet Gen5 leverages JUPITER System technology and the EchoStar XIX, the world’s highest-capacity broadband satellite, creating next-generation architecture for fast, reliable satellite internet.

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HughesNet® Gen5 delivers our fastest, most reliable Internet yet. On top of getting faster speeds, with Gen5, you'll enjoy free standard installation, which can save you hundreds of dollars in fees*. Plus, if you live in a rural area, HughesNet Gen5 can get you high-speed Internet in places where other providers aren't even willing to go. Get more with HughesNet Gen5.

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How Does High-speed Satellite Internet Work?

Unlike normal Internet providers, HughesNet® is a two-way satellite Internet provider that works through a satellite dish. When you type in a webpage, a request for the page is sent from your computer to a satellite, which then beams back to your computer. This all takes about a fraction of a second.

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Where is HughesNet Available?

HughesNet satellite Internet is the perfect resource for people who are tired of standard cable or slow DSL Internet connections. All you need to get HughesNet is a clear view of the southern sky and the HughesNet equipment, which is included as part of your package in most areas. Internet via Satellite is subject to the Fair Access Policy and is not ideal for online gaming, or day trading. Call an Internet service expert at 1-866-943-8644 to see if HughesNet is right for you.

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