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HughesNet® in Daytona Beach

Need Internet you can count on? HughesNet® satellite Internet in Daytona Beach has just what you want. HughesNet satellite Internet boasts download speeds starting at 5 Mbps, making it a faster option than DSL or dial-up Internet. And since HughesNet in Daytona Beach doesn’t rely on a fixed cable network to deliver your Internet, it’s available to customers in even the most rural areas of Daytona Beach. For Daytona Beach customers who like to stream music and videos, frequently need to download large files, enjoy online gaming, or just generally need more bandwidth, HughesNet® Gen4 is also available. Gen4 from HughesNet gets you an enhanced network and a greater download capacity, so it’s also perfect for households with multiple web-enabled devices.

High-speed Internet in Daytona Beach

Given the choice between fast, reliable satellite Internet and slow, spotty cable or DSL, which would you choose for your Daytona Beach home? HughesNet satellite Internet transmits online content straight to your computer rather than using a system of cables and wires. This allows HughesNet to offer Daytona Beach customers download speeds up to 15 Mbps, which is not only quicker than cable and DSL, but faster than most other satellite Internet providers in Daytona Beach too. And since all you need to enjoy satellite Internet in Daytona Beach is an unobstructed view of the southern sky, you get fast, dependable satellite Internet virtually anywhere, from the busiest neighborhoods in Daytona Beach to the quietest rural areas.

Phone Service in Daytona Beach

Want a premium home phone service that won’t break the bank? Choose HughesNet Voice in Daytona Beach. With HughesNet Voice, you get a number of convenient features, like caller ID, call waiting, an enhanced voicemail that you can access remotely, and unlimited domestic calls in the US and Canada. And to top it all off, HughesNet Voice offers affordable pricing options, with additional savings available when you bundle your HughesNet phone with your HughesNet satellite Internet service. Just how much does bundling your satellite phone and satellite Internet services help you save? Call now to find out!