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HughesNet in Irving

No matter where you live in Irving, HughesNet® satellite Internet gives you Internet you can depend on. With download speeds of 25 Mbps1, HughesNet satellite Internet consistently outpaces rural DSL and dial-up. And since it doesn't use cables or phone lines, HughesNet in Irving is able to quickly send data to your computer, even if you're in a more remote area. If you like to stream video or music, play online games, or anything else that requires a lot of bandwidth, check out HughesNet® Gen5 in Irving. Gen5 from HughesNet gives you access to a more advanced network with greater service plan data, making it ideal for homes in Irving with more than one computer.

High-speed Internet in Irving

Get fast speeds and inclusive options with HughesNet satellite Internet in Irving. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky to enjoy high-speed satellite Internet, meaning even customers living in a more remote area of Irving can access HughesNet service. Plus, satellite Internet sends data directly to your computer, rather than sending your Internet signal through a complex network of cables and wires. With download speeds up to 25 Mbps1 in Irving, HughesNet is even faster than most other satellite Internet providers—let alone cable and rural DSL. So whether you’re streaming videos, downloading songs, uploading pictures, or just browsing the web, satellite Internet in Irving can give you the speed and reliability you need.

Phone Service in Irving

If you live in Irving, HughesNet Voice is a fantastic option for satellite phone service. Not only is HughesNet Voice inexpensive, it also comes loaded with features. With HughesNet phone, you’ll get caller ID, call waiting, and unlimited domestic calling in the US and Canada. Plus, you’ll enjoy an enhanced voicemail service that lets you check your home phone messages from anywhere. And there's more! You can save even more on your home services when you bundle HughesNet Voice with HughesNet satellite Internet. So call today to see for yourself how simple it is to bundle HughesNet satellite Internet and home phone services.