How Can I Get High Speed Internet in Rural Areas?

If you live–or work–in rural communities, a high speed internet connection is a great way to stay informed and increase productivity, and there are two ways to get it: rural DSL (also known as a digital subscriber line) or through satellite internet.

The word "digital" makes DSL sound like the best option for high speed internet in rural areas. Given that it uses the same wiring as telephone lines without hijacking your phone and provides an "always on" connection, there’s little not to like about it. However, DSL isn’t always available and its speed is dependent on how close you are to the provider. The farther away you are from the provider, the slower your connection is likely to be, making it difficult to stream movies or upload and share files or photos.

Satellite internet, on the other hand, may be the better option for rural communities. Its speeds are faster than rural DSL and, like DSL, it won’t tie up your phone line, giving you a reliable connection. Plus, since it operates through a satellite relay system instead of phone lines, the distance from the provider is irrelevant.

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