HughesNet Installation

HughesNet Installation

HughesNet installation is as easy as ever. Our certified professionals use the best in satellite Internet installation equipment and technology for your home so that you enjoy a fast and reliable connection.

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Free Internet Installation Service

HughesNet offers limited-time free standard installation when you lease your equipment.* You’ll get timely and flexible service to fit your needs and at a time that works with your schedule. All appointments are scheduled at the time of your order, and your technician will call to confirm the date and time of your installation. Next day installation is usually available.

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What You Can Expect at Your Professional Installation

You’ll get an appointment that fits your schedule which will be confirmed by the installer. Your modem will be installed nearby your computer, and the technician will make sure that your computer is compatible with our equipment.

It’s best to be home during the entire installation appointment as your guidance and assistance may be needed. Your technician will mount your satellite dish on the appropriate structure. They will then install a coaxial cable jack where your system will operate. Then the technician will run two exterior cables to route to your satellite dish. The technician will monitor the connection and verify that your signal is working appropriately. You’ll be ready to connect to your world right away.

What’s Not Included in Your Standard HughesNet Installation

Some customers may want more in their installation, which can be provided for an extra charge. All costs will be itemized for your convenience.


Any removal of previously mounted materials


Any special materials, like molding, cosmetic hardware, etc. for hiding exposed cable


HughesNet Installation Preparation

  1. Your internet installation may take up to 4 hours to complete. Plan on being present at home during the entire installation process so that your technician can ask questions about the structure, if necessary.
  2. Make sure your computer system is compatible with HughesNet.
    • Windows 2000 PE or higher
      (Includes Windows XP and Vista)
    • Mac OS 10.1 or higher
  3. Get ready for your appointment by setting up your computer for the technician to install your modem and verify your satellite signal.