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Satellite Internet in Oregon

HughesNet® satellite Internet in Oregon is available in every part of the state, including rural areas. Satellite Internet in Oregon offers download speeds of 25 Mbps1. That makes HughesNet faster than dial-up in addition to being a lot more consistent than cable. Plus, you can now do more of the online activities you love. With Gen5 Internet, HughesNet customers in Oregon can enjoy the next big thing in high-speed satellite Internet. HughesNet in Oregon helps you be more efficient with your online time, as HughesNet has enhanced its network to better facilitate high-bandwidth activities, such as music and video streaming. Plus, Gen5 comes with a greater download capacity, making it easy to share pictures, keep up with friends and family on social media, and more.

HughesNet vs. Cable or Fiber

Satellite Internet from HughesNet is available to customers all over Oregon—even in places cable can’t reach. Because satellite Internet doesn’t rely on cables or phone lines like rural DSL does, you can enjoy a fast, reliable Internet connection every time you log on. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky, which means even customers in rural parts of Oregon can enjoy a satellite Internet connection. Open up the possibilities and do more with HughesNet® Gen5 satellite Internet in Oregon, capable of accommodating higher bandwidth browsing and faster download speeds.

HughesNet Phone Bundle

Bundle with Phone

Oregon residents who add satellite phone to their HughesNet account will get the same reliability they get from their HughesNet Internet service. Plus, adding HughesNet Voice helps you save on your monthly bill. You don’t even have to switch phone numbers. Satellite phone service also comes with a number of great features, including call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and even unlimited domestic calling in Canada and the US. With HughesNet Voice in Oregon, you’ll receive calls over your satellite connection, allowing you to enjoy pristine phone service that doesn’t affect your monthly service plan data or limit your satellite Internet usage.