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We keep a database of which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are available in each zip code. We thoroughly research satellite internet providers and create useful resources to help you choose the best ISP for your needs. When you’re ready to order, we have agents ready to take your call and schedule your installation.

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You don’t have to pay to use Instead, we have affiliate relationships with some of the satellite internet providers on our site that help us pay the bills.

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When you order service from these providers, they pay us a commission. This means you can shop and compare ISPs on without spending a dime.

Our affiliate relationships may also affect which satellite ISPs appear on our site and where we feature them. However, we base our editorial reviews on our assessment of the products and services in question.

Along with keeping free to use, having relationships with the biggest satellite internet providers in America gives us insights into packages, pricing, promotional offers, and upgrades that we then relay to you. With these insights, you get the best information available to help you make informed decisions about which ISP to sign up for.