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Speeds up to 25 Mbps with HughesNet Gen 51

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HughesNet Satellite Internet

HughesNet® internet plans start at 10 GB of data. From almost anywhere in the US, you can stream your favorite movies, run an at-home business, or video chat with relatives.

HughesNet is a reliable high-speed satellite internet service with these benefits:

  • Fast download speeds up to 25 Mbps on all plans1
  • Built-in Wi-Fi service
  • Unlimited data with no hard data limits2
  • Bonus data zone during hours of 2 a.m. to 8 a.m.

HughesNet satellite internet plans

Data Cap
10 GB Data Plan
25 Mbps 10 GB + 50 GB Bonus Zone*
20 GB Data Plan
25 Mbps 20 GB + 50 GB Bonus Zone*
30 GB Data Plan
25 Mbps 30 GB + 50 GB Bonus Zone*
50 GB Data Plan
25 Mbps 50 GB + 50 GB Bonus Zone*

HughesNet Voice

HughesNet Voice has affordable pricing with a two-year price lock guarantee, and it comes with setup and activation included.4 You’ll get unlimited local and nationwide calling along with potential savings on your equipment when you bundle phone service with internet.5

And with HughesNet custom calling plans, you can save on international calls too.6 Don’t let a rural location isolate you—reach out to the world with HughesNet Voice.

Satellite TV

Internet and phone aren’t the only services you can get through satellite. By adding satellite TV, you’ll keep data usage low and have unlimited access to the movies, shows, and news you enjoy. While HughesNet doesn’t offer its own satellite TV services, you still have plenty of options through providers like DISH and DIRECTV.

HughesNet FAQ

Does HughesNet satellite internet have unlimited data?

Technically, HughesNet does have unlimited data because even after you reach your monthly data allotment, you can still use data (at reduced speeds) indefinitely, and will not pay any additional cost or penalty. You do have a limited amount of full speed data, however. If you select a HughesNet satellite internet plan that gives you 10 GB, the first 10 GB of data you use each month will be at the full speed of 25 Mbps. After you’ve reached 10 GB, your internet connection will be slowed to 1 to 3 Mbps. This is often not fast enough to support video streaming. For example, Netflix recommends a minimum connection speed of 3 Mbps for SD and 5 Mbps for HD. So if you use all your data early in the month, you might be stuck watching DVDs for the rest of the month.