HughesNet Internet Review: HughesNet Plans, Prices, and Bundles

HughesNet internet
  • $49.99–$149.99/mo.
  • 99% availability
  • 15–50Mbps speeds
  • Up to 200GB of priority data (unlimited standard data)

*Offer not valid for 15GB plan. New residential subscribers only.

**Offer ends 6/28/23. $100 prepaid card via rebate applies to new HughesNet residential subscribers only. HughesNet equipment and service must be purchased or leased between 6/1/23 and 6/28/23 and must remain active for a minimum of 31 days to qualify. Card expires six months from date issued.

Mikayla Rivera
Aug 21, 2023
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Is HughesNet good?

HughesNet internet is one of the three largest satellite internet providers, and it's a good choice because it offers broadband speeds to almost everywhere in the US. It offers up to 200GB of data—and either satellite-only plans or HughesNet Fusion (satellite and wireless) plans that have lower latency and faster speeds. 

But HughesNet internet services max out at 25 Mbps typically and 50Mbps for its highest-priced plan. That works for browsing, social media, and some streaming, but pales in comparison to Viasat and Starlink's 100Mbps plans. Check out more about HughesNet plans below.


HughesNet plans and pricing

Data plan
Satellite-only 15GB$49.99/mo.15 Mbps
Satellite-only 50GB$49.99/mo.*25 Mbps
Satellite-only 100GB$74.99/mo.*25 Mbps
Fusion 100GB$74.99/mo.*25 Mbps
Fusion 200GB$149.99/mo.*50 Mbps

Data as of 04/12/2023 Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
†Service plans require a 24-month commitment. Pricing not available in all areas.
*Pricing for the first 6 mos.

HughesNet plans are divided up first by HughesNet internet services: HughesNet (satellite) and HughesNet Fusion.

HughesNet plans offer satellite internet service at mostly the same speeds (the cheapest is 15Mbps, but all the rest are 25Mbps); the distinguishing factor is HughesNet's priority data allotments. If you want to know how much data you need, we recommend 50GB as the best bang for your buck, but 100GB is more comfortable for more people.

Unlike HughesNet satellite plans, HughesNet Fusion plans aren't available everywhere, but if you can get them, go for them. They're a bit more expensive but have more data and up to 50Mbps speeds available. Plus, HughesNet reviews agree that the Fusion's combo of satellite internet and wireless internet makes the service more reliable.

If you want a deeper breakdown on HughesNet's prices, HughesNet's deals, and even HughesNet fees, scroll down further in our HughesNet review for the juicy details.

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HughesNet prices

HughesNet gen 5 is the fastest and most reliable yet, so if you want HughesNet internet service, there’s never been a better time to sign up. HughesNet offers both satellite-only and satellite and fixed-wireless combination internet plans. Check out all of HughesNet’s plans below:

HughesNet satellite-only plans

See more
HughesNet 15GB$49.99/mo.15Mbps15GB
HughesNet 50GB$49.99/mo.25Mbps50GB
HughesNet 100GB$74.99/mo.25Mbps100GB
HughesNet 200GB$149.99/mo.25Mbps200GB

HughesNet satellite-only plans are some of the cheapest among satellite internet providers, and they’re available to 99% of the US. They offer only 25Mbps on every plan, so select your plan based on how much data you need.

HughesNet Fusion plans

Fusion 100GB$74.99/mo.25Mbps100GB
Fusion 200GB$149.99/mo.50Mbps200GB

HughesNet Fusion plans aren’t available everywhere like HughesNet satellite-only internet plans, but HughesNet Fusion does offer lower latency and more reliable internet speeds than satellite-only.

HughesNet business plans

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Business 30$84.99/mo.25Mbps download, 3Mbps upload30GB
Fusion Business 100 GB$89.99/mo.25Mbps download, 3Mbps upload100GB
Fusion Business 200 GB$164.99/mo.25Mbps download, 3Mbps upload200GB

The exact HughesNet business plans available to you depend on your area, but HughesNet internet service itself is available to 99% of the USA, so you should be able to get HughesNet service for your small business.

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HughesNet Voice and Internet bundles

Home VoiceUnlimited calls to US and Canada$25.95/mo.
International 200 (add-on)200 min. to 60 countries$9.95/mo.
International Unlimited (add-on)Unlimited calls to 60 countries$22.95/mo.

HughesNet Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service, or just HughesNet Voice, is the company’s phone service option. You can bundle it easily with your HughesNet internet service, though you won’t get a discount for combining them—just two great services and one convenient bill.

HughesNet fees

HughesNet modem/router$14.99/mo.
HughesNet installation fee$90.00 (sometimes waived if purchased online)
HughesNet early termination feeUp to $400.00
Hughesnet unreturned equipment feeUp to $300.00 ($100.00 for the modem and power supply, $200.00 for radio transmitter)
HughesNet moving feeLeased equipment: $99.00 activation fee at new location
Purchased: $249.00 hardware fee and $199.00 installation fee at new location
HughesNet data tokens● 3GB/$9.00
● 5GB/$15.00
● 10GB/$30.00
● 25GB/$75.00

HughesNet fees breakdown primarily into equipment fees and early termination fees. HughesNet moving fees are their own beast, but you don’t have a fee specifically for moving your service, just for activating your service in a new area. Check out our Transfer HughesNet internet service guide for more details.

HughesNet’s early termination fee (ETF) works like most other internet service providers across the industry. If you cancel before your installation, you’ll be refunded the whole amount paid so far. If you cancel after installation and within the first 90 days of service, it’ll cost the full $400 to get out of your contract. If you cancel after the first 90 days, your early termination fee will cost $15 less for each month of service continued thereafter.

You can also purchase HughesNet data tokens for the prices above if you want more priority data in any given pay period.

For more on what fees to expect when signing up for HughesNet, check out our HughesNet installation page.

HughesNet discounts

Get it
$100.00 prepaid Mastercard via rebate● Applies to new residential HughesNet customers only.
● Offer valid only until 6/28/23
$25.00/mo. off a HughesNet plan for the first 6 mos. ● Offer not valid on 15GB plan. After 6 mos., plans revert to the standard monthly fee.
● New residential subscribers only.
  • Get $25/mo. off a HughesNet plan for the first 6 mos.*
  • Get $100 prepaid Mastercard via rebate**

For more, check out our guide to HughesNet Deals.

HughesNet speed test

Once you have your HughesNet internet service up and running, run yourself a HughesNet speed test below and see where your download speed, upload speed, and latency are clocking in at.

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Internet Speed Test
There was an error initializing the test. Please reload the page and try again.

Connecting to a server ...

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Connecting to
another server...
00.00 Test in progress Testing Your Speed Test Download speed Test complete 0 1 5 10 20 40 80 160 320+
Upload Speed
Latency (ping)
IP address
Server Location
Compare Providers

Not fast enough?

For a better breakdown of what these numbers mean for your HughesNet internet service, and for the difference HughesNet gen 5 has made, read our HughesNet speed test breakdown.

HughesNet speeds

HughesNet offers up to 25Mbps across all of its plans, and fortunately, HughesNet gen 5, HughesNet’s latest technology, has made that 25Mbps work harder for you.

Still, we need to put an emphasis on the “up to” in “up to 25Mbps.” Like all internet providers, HughesNet promises up to a certain speed measurement, but it’s possible and even likely your Mbps will drop below that level depending on your HughesNet data usage, the weather’s effect on your satellite dish, and network congestion.

Is HughesNet fast enough to stream TV?

HughesNet offers only 25Mbps across its plans, but it should be plenty fast enough to stream TV. You need at least 5Mbps to stream TV consistently with most streaming services, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines high-speed broadband internet as 25Mbps.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t restrictions to streaming with HughesNet. HughesNet, like all satellite internet providers, has data caps that, if you exceed, will result in significantly slower speeds. If you want to stream a lot with HughesNet, we suggest you keep your content on standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) max. Constant 4K streaming will obliterate HughesNet’s highest data cap of 200GB in less than a week.

Is 5G faster than HughesNet?

5G internet can reach anywhere from 33–1,000Mbps in some places and some providers, whereas HughesNet plans top out at 25Mbps. So yeah, 5G internet is usually faster than Hughesnet satellite internet service, but it’s not nearly as widely available.

For more on 5G home internet, check out our T-Mobile Home Internet vs. Verizon Home internet breakdown.

HughesNet vs. Viasat

Monthly price
High-speed data
See more
HughesNet$49.99–$147.99/mo.25Mbps15–200GB (unlimited standard data thereafter)
Viasat$69.99–$299.99/mo.25–100Mbps60–500GB (unlimited standard data thereafter)

We’d suggest HughesNet satellite plans for people in hard-to-reach areas who just want a basic internet connection. A steady stream of 25Mbps will let you email, scroll social media, browse the internet, and even do some SD streaming, especially if you get one of HughesNet’s higher data plans.

Viasat is for the person who wants fast speeds and lots of data—and who has the wallet room for both. Viasat gets significantly more expensive than HughesNet for all its perks, with its most expensive pan tickling $300 a month.

Both these satellite internet service providers have the widest availability among ISPs, so the likelihood is that, no matter where you are, you can get one of them. But not all Viasat plans are available in all areas, you’ll have to check which ones are available to you by calling a representative or by using your zip code on the website.

For a deeper dive into HughesNet vs. Viasat internet service, check out our full HughesNet vs. Viasat breakdown.

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HughesNet vs. Starlink

Monthly price
See more

HughesNet’s prices above are for its residential satellite-only and Fusion plans, while Starlink’s include its Residential, Business, and Mobility plans. For a deeper breakdown on these satellite internet providers, check out our HughesNet vs. Starlink review.

Enter your zip code to see all the best HughesNet plans available in your area.

HughesNet customer service

HughesNet customer service can be reached using the HughesNet phone number, HughesNet email, or HughesNet live chat, depending on your preference. HughesNet live chat usually has a shorter waiting time than calling the HughesNet phone number, and you should get a HughesNet email response within 24 hours of sending a request.

For more details on HughesNet technical support and customer support, check out our HughesNet customer service guide. If you’re specifically interested in moving your HughesNet internet service to a new address, check out the HughesNet section of our Transferring Internet Service guide.

HughesNet phone number

HugesNet’s phone number for customer service is 833-602-0507. You can call them for HughesNet bill pay issues, to review your HughesNet internet services, to help troubleshoot your HughesNet internet, or even to upgrade your HughesNet plan.

You can also contact HughesNet customer service using the HughesNet email and HughesNet live chat mentioned above.

The truth about HughesNet

HughesNet is one of the top three satellite internet providers in the USA, and it offers the cheapest satellite service plans out of the group. It does offer only 25Mbps broadband speeds, however, and has smaller data packages than Viasat and Starlink. But if all you need is a solid satellite provider that will allow you to use basic internet in rural areas, HughesNet is a great option to keep you connected.

HughesNet internet FAQ

Netflix recommends at least 5Mbps to stream its service. HughesNet offers 15–50Mbps, so it’s certainly fast enough for Netflix (as long as you’re not experiencing weather issues or throttling). But you’ll want to consider whether you have enough HughesNet data for the amount of Netflix you want to stream.

You can use any streaming device with HughesNet internet service, including Roku products.

As an internet service, HughesNet internet service should work with any streaming service and device.

Heavy rain, strong winds, and deep snows can all interrupt your HughesNet internet service. This is the same for most internet providers, but especially satellite internet providers. Try reading our How to Keep Snow off Satellite Dish guide to combat the snows during winter, at least.

HughesNet doesn’t sell TV and internet bundles itself, but we do recommend pairing HughesNet with either DISH satellite TV service or a DIRECTV package.

HughesNet offers its own modem and router combo for $14.99 a month if you want to rent your equipment, but you can also purchase it outright. Normally we suggest a third party router for faster stats and cheaper prices in the long run, but HughesNet, like other satellite internet providers, requires special satellite-enabled equipment to run. That said, HughesNet’s router is your best and only option.

There are a few ways to boost your HughesNet internet signal, like using a Wi-Fi extender if you’re losing reception in certain places in your house, upgrading to a large data plan if you’re experiencing throttling, or cleaning off your satellite dish if bad weather has affected it. For more options, check out our HughesNet Troubleshooting guide.

For more HughesNet internet details, check out our full HughesNet FAQ.

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