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Apr 12, 2023
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Just because satellite internet travels through space doesn't mean you have to be left in the dark. We’ve got the answers to all your Hughesnet internet questions, whether you want to get the most out of your service or simply decide if it’s right for you.

General Hughesnet questions

What is Hughesnet?

Hughesnet is a satellite Internet Service Provider (ISP). It’s perfect for remote and rural areas because its coverage area is one of the biggest in the US. It offers broadband internet speeds to most of the country.

What is Hughesnet Gen5?

The newest version of Hughesnet internet service is here and it’s called Hughesnet Gen 5. It’s faster and lets you use more data.

Hughesnet Gen 5 comes from the newest Hughesnet satellite, EchoStar XIX. This enormous satellite delivers broadband speeds using JUPITER™ System technology. This improved tech allows Hughesnet to offer faster internet speeds to more people than ever before.

How fast is Hughesnet internet?

Hugheset has download speeds up to 100Mbps and upload speeds up to 5Mbps. 

Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

How do I get TV service with my Hughesnet internet plan?

Hughesnet doesn't offer its own satellite TV service, but you can easily pair Hughesnet internet with TV service from DIRECTV or DISH. Both have great deals on packages that include sports, news, premium, and local channels. DIRECTV packages start at $70 per month, and DISH TV starts at about $60 per month. Get a full breakdown of DISH vs. DIRECTV to decide which TV service is best for you.

Can I use VoIP with my Hughesnet internet service?

Not only can you use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) over Hughesnet, but Hughesnet offers its own satellite phone service called Hughesnet Voice. It uses VoIP technology, but it won’t count against your monthly internet data like other internet-calling services would.

Hughesnet Voice plans start at about $10 per month, but you can get a discount for a year if you order both Hughesnet Internet and Voice.*

*For 12 months. Offer ends 9/25/19. $19.95 offer represents a $10 monthly savings for 12 months. After 12 months, the monthly fee reverts to $29.95. $75 savings on HughesNet Voice equipment. Offer requires a 24-month commitment. Offer ends 9/25/19. Restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited.

Can I use a VPN on my Hughesnet internet service?

You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with your Hughesnet satellite internet service, but we don't recommend it.

Satellite internet already has high latency, and VPNs can cause lag just because they add an additional stop on the path to and from your network.  Doubling the lag you already experience with satellite internet would make it difficult Hughesnet internet difficult use.

Can I play video games with Hughesnet internet?

Yes, Hughesnet is fast enough for gaming. But some types of games perform better than others. Most RPGs should be fine, but first-person shooters can be problematic. For tips on getting the most out of gaming on satellite internet, check out “Your Guide to Gaming on Satellite Internet.”

Can I get Hughesnet for my rural business?

Yes, Hughesnet has internet solutions for your rural business. The faster speeds and built-in Wi-Fi of Hughesnet Gen 5 make getting your whole office online simple and effective. Hughesnet offers five different data plans, so it’s a great choice for rural businesses of all sizes. Learn more about Hughesnet for business.

Which satellite internet provider has the fastest speeds?

Hughesnet has plans with up to 100Mbps of download speeds, the same speed that Viasat offers. Hughesnet also has better prices so you can get more for your money with the right Hughesnet package.

Hughesnet contracts FAQ

Does Hughesnet have a contract?

Like the vast majority of internet service providers (ISPs), Hughesnet internet plans require a two-year agreement.

Is there a way to get out of Hughesnet contract?

You can get out of a Hughesnet contract early if you really want, but it'll cost you. If you're within the first ninety days of your service, you'll have to pay $400 to escape. Thereafter, the cost will drop by $15 each month. So if you want to cancel service after six months, for example, it'll cost you $355.

Hughesnet pricing FAQ

How much is Hughesnet internet?

Hughesnet offers three internet packages, two satellite-only plans and a Fusion plan. The Fusion plan uses a hybrid connection that makes use of terrestrial wireless networks which gives you a low-latency connection. 

Here’s internet pricing information from Hughesnet.

Hughesnet internet plan
Introductory price
Download speed
View plans
Select$49.99/mo for 12 mo.Up to 50 MbpsUnlimited
Elite$64.99/mo for 12 mo.Up to 100 MbpsUnlimited

Offer for 12 months. Service plans require a 24-month commitment. Equipment Lease or Purchase fees extra. Service plans require a 24-month commitment. Equipment Lease or Purchase fees extra.

How much does Hughesnet Fusion plans cost?

Hughesnet fusion plan
Download speed
View plans
Fusion$94.99/mo for 12 mo.100MbpsUnlimited

Hughesnet Fusion is the new powerful combo of satellite and fixed wireless internet from Hughesnet. This plan costs more than Hughesnet's satellite-only plans, but it's also reliable and automatically switches from one internet tech to another to give you the best latency and performance for your satellite activities. Reception of these new plans seems positive so far.

Hughesnet Fusion isn't as widely available as Hughesnet satellite internet, but you can check if these plans are available in your area using our zip search below.

Interested in Hughesnet Fusion? Enter your zip cope to see if it's available near you.

What’s the cheapest Hughesnet internet plan?

Hughesnet packages start at $49.99 per month. But sometimes Hughesnet will offer promotional pricing, so you can get the same package at a $10 or even $20 per month discount for a limited time. Most sales reps will offer you a discount if it’s available, but it won’t hurt to ask them about it either.

Hughesnet billing FAQ

How do I see my monthly bill?

You can access your monthly bill online by logging in to your Hughesnet account at Under the My Account section, you’ll find the My Bill link. Click there to access your monthly statement.

How do I pay my Hughesnet bill?

You have several options to help you with understanding your bill. You’ll find lots of helpful information online by visiting If you still have questions, you can contact Hughesnet customer support via emailchat, or phone at 866-347-3292.

Who do I contact with bill questions?

Yes. You can cancel before activation without getting hit with a fee, but if you cancel within the first 90 days after activation, Hughesnet will charge you an early termination fee (ETF) of up to $400. The fee will reduce by $15 each month after the first 90 days from activation. For example, if you cancel in month four, your early termination fee would be about $385.

Does Hughesnet charge cancellation fees?

You can pay your bill online with a credit or debit card. After you log in to your account using the link above, click the Pay Now option at the top right. Follow the prompts to make a one-time payment or set up automatic monthly payments.

Hughesnet Availability FAQ

Is Hughesnet available in my area?

Hughesnet is available throughout most of the United States. If you have a clear view of the southern sky, chances are you can get Hughesnet. The specific packages available may vary depending on how far north you live. Enter your address below to see which Hughesnet packages are available at your location.

Find all available internet providers in your area.

Hughesnet Equipment and Installation FAQ

How do I install Hughesnet satellite internet?

Hughesnet doesn’t offer a self-installation option because the equipment needs a professional technician to calibrate it correctly, so you’ll have to pay for professional installation. But for a limited time, Hughesnet is offering free installation to customers who lease their gateway (router/modem combo). Be sure to ask your agent about this offer when you sign up.

Pro tip

Make sure someone is home when the Hughesnet technician arrives. They will need an adult (18 or older) to sign for the work

What equipment do I need for Hughesnet internet?

You need a satellite dish and a modem. To create a home network with your Hughesnet service, you’ll also need a router. Hughesnet makes things easy by supplying you with a dish and a Wi-Fi ready gateway (modem/router combo).

You’ll have to either buy your equipment or lease it from Hughesnet. You can opt to use your own router if you really want to, but you’ll still have to buy or lease the Hughesnet gateway because it houses the modem. But if you already own a better router, saving money is probably not your primary concern.

Have more questions about modems and routers? Check out our modem and router FAQ.

Will Hughesnet work with a wireless router?

Yes, the Hughesnet gateway comes with built-in Wi-Fi. You can use your own wireless router if you want, but you’ll still have to pay for the Hughesnet gateway because you’ll need the modem for your service to work. Learn more about satellite internet modems and routers.

Hughesnet Customer Service FAQ

What’s the customer service number for Hughesnet?

Call 866-347-3292 for Hughesnet customer service.