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Bridging the Digital Divide: Analyzing FCC Broadband Expansion Funding by State
Do you know how much money your state is getting from the RDOF (Rural Digital...
My Viasat app for easy data management
2021 Social Media Report: Which Apps Can’t Americans Live Without?
Ranking social media apps by America’s preferences in 2021 Throughout the pandemic, social media has...
family using laptop to talk to doctor
New Report Shows that 76% of Americans Plan to Use Telehealth Services Post-Pandemic
Telemedicine has been used for years in small towns and rural areas, but the COVID-19...
Parent working at home
WFH Survey Shows Better Internet in Rural Areas Would Attract New Residents
With this new freedom to work from anywhere, we wanted to find out if Americans...

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SpaceX rocket launch
SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet Service
What to know about Starlink before you sign up for its testing program. $99/mo. satellite...
how diverse is our solar system? header image
Diversity in Our Solar System
It’s been 50 years since Neil Armstrong uttered perhaps the most famous words spoken in...
friends watching TV at home
Your Guide to Streaming with Satellite Internet
From craving another run-through of Stranger Things to catching the latest Hulu Original, you can...
Man in woods using satellite phone
Satellite Phone Service: Is It Right for You?
Satellite phones can be your only line of communication in remote areas, but it's a...

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