Everything We Know About Starlink Mini

Andreas Rivera
Jun 25, 2024
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Image by Michael Nicolls, posted on X

What is Starlink Mini?

The Starlink Mini is the newest iteration of SpaceX’s satellite internet hardware, built for the specific use case of being smaller and more convenient to travel with. The Standard Starlink kit is also portable and can connect users to the internet from anywhere in the U.S., but it is still a bit bulky, requires an external gateway device for Wi-Fi, and requires a strong power source. The Mini sets out to solve these issues for mobile Starlink users.

How do I get a Starlink Mini?

When the Mini was first unveiled in June 2024, Starlink invited a select group of customers to purchase it. Now, it's available to anyone in the U.S. Both new and current customers can order a Mini kit on Starlink's website. Starlink is known to quietly roll out its newest products in a limited capacity before making them widely available.

How much is the Starlink Mini?

The Starlink Mini costs $599, despite founder and CEO Elon Musk posting details on X indicating that it would be about half the price of the standard dish ($250–$300). Starlink often adjusts the prices of its hardware and service plans in response to market demand, so it's possible that the Mini could become more affordable in the near future. 

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What plans are available for the Starlink Mini?

Mini customers have a choice between the Mini Roam plan and the Regional Mobile plan. The Mini Roam plan costs $50 monthly and includes 50GB of data.  It can also be used while in motion. If you're driving on a long road trip, your passengers can connect to the internet. If you run out of data, more can be purchased for $1 per GB.

The Regional Mobile plan is $150 per month and gives you unlimited data. 

Both plans allow you to connect to the internet anywhere in North America. The typical download speed is 5 to 50Mbps, though Starlink claims it can reach 100Mbps.

A fixed-residential plan has also been announced but is not yet available in the U.S. Pricing and availability have not been revealed.

What size is the Starlink Mini?

The Mini measures 11.4 inches by 9.8 inches (roughly the size of a small laptop). That’s greatly parred down from the V4 Standard dish, which is 23.4 inches by 15.07 inches. The Mini fits in most backpacks and has a kickstand to angle it like the Standard for optimal signal.

What does the Mini do that the Standard doesn’t?

Besides its size, the most significant innovation included with the Mini is onboard Wi-Fi, which further enhances its portability. All previous Starlink versions require an external gateway device that acts as both a modem and router. You can directly connect your devices to the Starlink Mini without needing a Wi-Fi router. However, the Mini features Wi-Fi 5 instead of the more up-to-date Wi-Fi 6. The most significant difference is a bit of a slower signal, especially when multiple devices are connected. Fortunately, you can still connect the Mini to a more powerful router, which we recommend if you plan on using it for home use.

How do I set Starlink Mini up?

It’s the easiest Starlink dish to set up yet. No external gateway is needed; you only need to plug it into a power source to get online. Setup is done through the Starlink app, so a mobile phone is required. The app will help you determine the best position and angle for the best signal clear of obstructions. Like other dishes, the Mini can also be a more permanent installation for your home, vehicle, camper, or RV. The kit has an adaptor to hook it to Starlink’s mounting accessories, which are purchased separately. As with all Starlink installations, you’re on your own. Read our guide on Starlink installation.

How much power does the Mini need?

The Mini’s power consumption is much lower than the Standard dish's, allowing you to use it with more portable power sources like batteries or your vehicle. It comes with a DC power supply that needs an average of 20–40 Watts.

Are there any alternatives to Starlink Mini?

The Mini is designed to be a more portable internet solution. It is small enough to pack and carry, making it perfect for travelers. Depending on the final pricing, it may also be an affordable home internet solution or a viable backup.

However, several options are available now, as well as some upcoming ones that could rival the Mini’s portability and price. Read our guide on the best portable internet solutions.

T-Mobile recently announced its upcoming 5G Away plan, which allows users to receive their home internet service on the road with a small gateway device.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper is another satellite internet solution being developed to directly rival Starlink's low-latency internet service. Details about how the service will operate are still scarce, but it will likely include mobile internet options.