How to Transfer Internet Service: Moving Internet Service Guide

Ben Gran
Jul 10, 2023
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Whether you’re moving across the country or just your hometown, knowing how to transfer internet service will give you peace of mind—and functioning internet—from day one at your new home. 

Different internet service providers (ISPs) have different processes for how to transfer your internet service; depending on your plan, you might have to return some equipment to the ISP, but you can usually complete the entire internet transfer process online or by phone. If you plan ahead and ask your ISP for help, you can make the internet transfer process as smooth and low-cost as possible.

Can you move Internet service to another house?

It depends on where you live and what internet service providers are available there. Still, you should generally be able to move your existing internet service to a new home address. However, if you're moving out of the service area, you’ll have to choose a new ISP.

Internet service providers usually need a few weeks’ notice to process the transfer and schedule a technician to install service at your new home. Some ISPs might charge fees for moving your internet service, such as a transfer fee, installation fee, or activation fee. 

Moving your internet service is also an opportunity to upgrade to a better plan or to get a discount from a new provider. For example, your new home might be in a neighborhood that offers higher speed plans from your provider or has a different provider like T-Mobile 5G Home internet available.  

Can I move my Wi-Fi myself?

Depending on your Wi-Fi equipment, you could bring your Wi-Fi router to your new home and keep using the same Wi-Fi network name and password. For example if you own your Wi-Fi router, that device is your property, and you can move it yourself. 

But keep in mind that “Wi-Fi” is not the same as “internet service.” Even if you decide to keep your Wi-Fi router and bring it to your new location, you still need your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to transfer your internet service to your new home address, or you’ll need a new ISP that’s compatible with your router.

Can I bring my Wi-Fi Router with me when I move?

If you own the Wi-Fi router, mesh Wi-Fi, or other Wi-Fi extender devices to extend your Wi-Fi signal, and these devices are compatible with your new home’s internet service options, you can bring them with you. 

If you are leasing your Wi-Fi router from the ISP, you should check to see if you can keep the router or if you’ll need to lease a new one at your new home. 

If you decide to change ISPs, use your mobile phone for home internet, or sign up for a new home internet plan as part of your move, you most likely cannot keep using the same Wi-Fi router.

Enter your ZIP code below to find all the best internet providers available at your new address.

Let’s look at a few major internet service providers (ISPs) to see their provider-specific rules for transferring internet to new addresses.

Xfinity moving guide

Xfinity offers an easy online guide for transferring your Xfinity Internet service. You can complete most of the steps online or by phone. But before you move to your new home, it’s important to see whether your current ISP’s internet service is available at your new address.

Is Xfinity available at my new address?

Xfinity internet is available in 35 states plus Washington, DC. Check your new home’s address below to see if you can transfer your Xfinity service

Check the Xfinity Internet service area to see if your new home is in its footprint.

H3: Xfinity change address how-to

Here’s a step-by-step look at the Comcast move service process for Xfinity Internet. 

  1. Log in to your Xfinity account. 
  2. Go to Overview, then click “Move or Transfer Service.” Or visit and click “Schedule My Move.” 
  3. Enter the details of your new home address as requested. Click “Keep Moving” when done. If you like, you can choose to make changes to your internet service plan at this stage—such as a higher-speed plan or more data per month. 
  4. Choose installation equipment and options for self-installation or a two-hour professional installation window. 
  5. Review your move’s details and click “Submit Order” to complete the process to transfer your Comcast Xfinity Internet service.

If you are moving outside of the Xfinity Internet service area, you will need to cancel your service. This can also be done online or by phone.

Comcast early termination fee moving

First, the good news about Xfinity’s early termination fees (ETFs). If you move to a new home that’s still within the Comcast Xfinity Internet service area, and you decide to transfer your Xfinity Internet service and stay an Xfinity customer at your new address, you won’t have to pay an early termination of your previous address’s service. 

But if you move outside of the Comcast/Xfinity Internet service area during your Xfinity contract period, you’ll owe Comcast an early termination fee. Some customers have complained about this policy and report that the fee is over $200.

Move Spectrum internet service

Moving your Spectrum internet service must be done by phone. Call Spectrum at 855-363-4902 to start the internet transfer process.

Is Spectrum available at my new address?

Spectrum internet service is available in 41 states. Find out if your new home is within the Spectrum service area by using our zip check feature below.

Check the Spectrum internet service area to see if your new home is in their footprint

Spectrum moving fee

Spectrum doesn't have a moving fee exactly, but you will have to pay to have new equipment installed at your address. The fee is $24.99 for self-installation and $59.99 for professional installation. Talk to Spectrum customer service to understand which option will best suit you.

AT&T Internet moving services

AT&T Internet customers can transfer their service by phone. Call 800-288-2020 to talk to an AT&T moving specialist.

Is AT&T available at my new address?

AT&T Internet service is available in 21 states, including California, Florida, Texas, and most of the Midwest and Southeast. Check your new home address below to see if it’s in the AT&T Internet service area.

Enter your zip code below to check if your new home is in AT&T’s internet service area.

AT&T moving fee

According to AT&T’s website, you typically won’t have to pay activation fees if you’re moving your internet service to a new address.

Transfer Viasat internet service

Viasat satellite internet service makes it easy to transfer to a new home address: 

  1. Call Viasat Customer Care at (866-945-3258) at least one week before your move date. 
  2. Choose a Viasat plan for your new home address. Depending on the location, you might have new, better options available from Viasat Internet service. 
  3. Pay the balance due on your current account. 
  4. Return your satellite internet equipment. Viasat will install new equipment at your next home.

Is Viasat available at my new address?

Viasat satellite internet covers 99% of the U.S., so it probably will be available at your new home address. But keep in mind that Viasat speeds and plans might change depending on location. Here are the most common Viasat plans across the USA:

Viasat plan
Download speed
Intro price
Learn more
Viasat UnleashedUnlimitedUp to 150 Mbps$99.99/mo.

Viasat moving fee

As part of the move process, Viasat will require you to sign a new 24-month contract or pay a new $300 upfront fee.

Transfer Hughesnet internet service

Hughesnet is another satellite internet service that makes transferring to a new home address easy. Here’s how to move your Hughesnet internet service:  

  1. Call Hughesnet Customer Care at 855-460-6683. They can give you the best satellite internet offers for your new home address.
  2. Schedule installation for your new address. 
  3. Bring your equipment (modem and power supply) to your new home. 
  4. Sign up for a new 24-month Service Agreement at your new address.

Is Hughesnet available at my new address?

Hughesnet is available just about everywhere in the contiguous U.S., Puerto Rico, and Alaskan locations with a clear view of the southern sky, so it should be available at your new address. Hughesnet plans have also recently increased their data caps without price hikes, so it's a good opportunity to check out whether you want a better Hughesnet internet package:

Hughesnet plan
See more
$49.99/mo for 12 mo.
$64.99/mo for 12 mo.
$94.99/mo for 12 mo.

Hughesnet moving fee

When moving your Hughesnet satellite internet service, you don’t have to pay a “moving fee,” and you typically won’t have to pay any fees for standard Hughesnet installation at your new home. 

However, you do have to sign up for a new 24-month Service Agreement. You also must pay a $99 activation fee for leased satellite equipment. If you have purchased your own satellite internet equipment, you have to pay a $249 hardware fee and a $199 installation fee.

Starlink: Change service address

To change your Starlink service address as a U.S. Residential customer, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your Starlink account
  2. Go to "Your Starlinks,” choose the Starlink that you want to update the service address for, and select "Manage." 
  3. Next to “Service Address,” select the pencil icon. 
  4. Enter your new service address. 
  5. Save.

Is Starlink internet available at my new address?

We suggest you check the Starlink coverage map to see if Starlink is available at your new home. As of March 2023, much of the contiguous U.S. appears to be waitlisted or “expanding in 2023,” most likely as part of Starlink’s attempt to manage growing congestion issues.

How far can you move Starlink?

Starlink Residential service is intended to be used at a fixed location so the Starlink satellites can send internet service directly to your home. You’re not supposed to move your Starlink away from that location. Starlink offers Portability service for an additional fee, but it’s not available for U.S. Residential customers.   

Some Starlink customers have reported that they can move their Starlink a short distance from home, such as 10–30 miles away, and still receive service. But there are risks to this—you might lose your signal, incur additional fees, or void your contract—so we’d encourage you to avoid doing this. If you want to take Starlink with you away from home, consider getting a Starlink Roam plan.

Starlink internet moving fee

Starlink does not charge a fee to change your service address, but the cost of your Starlink internet service might be different depending on the location of your new home. If you’re going to be moving often or traveling, you might want to consider Starlink Roam, which is a good satellite internet option for RVs and adventurers.

How to move internet router to another house

Depending on your choice of internet service provider (ISP) and type of internet service, your provider might have new equipment (modem, router) installed at your new home. But if your ISP allows you to bring your old internet router to your new address, you just need to do a few quick steps: 

  1. Have your ISP activate internet service at your new home. 
  2. Connect your router to the modem (if you don’t have a modem/router combo). 
  3. Plug in your router, modem, and any additional devices, like Wi-Fi extenders or mesh Wi-Fi, to expand the reach of your local network. 
  4. Search for your local Wi-Fi network with a laptop or mobile device. 
  5. If you are able to use your old router, you should be able to keep using the same Wi-Fi network name and password that you had at your old home. 

Transfer Internet FAQ

How long does it take to move your internet to a new house?

Depending on your ISP, it might take a few weeks or as little as one week. Some ISPs will want additional notice so they can plan ahead and schedule your move date, while others like Hughesnet only need one week’s notice. 

Can I just move my Wi-Fi router to another house?

You can move your Wi-Fi router to a new house if it isn’t owned by your ISP. But depending on the ISP and your choice of internet plan, you might need new equipment.

Can you take T-Mobile home internet anywhere?

T-Mobile home internet is not available in all areas. If you are a T-Mobile home internet customer and you’re moving to a new home, call T-Mobile at 1-866-871-0056 and ask them if the service is available at your new home’s location.

Can I move My Verizon home internet to another house?

You can move your Verizon home internet service to a new home, but the exact details of how depend on what type of Verizon home internet service you have. 

You need to contact Verizon first to notify them about the move and check for availability at your new address. There is no installation fee for moving your Verizon 5G Home and LTE Home service, but there could be an installation fee for moving your Fios internet service.

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