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Satellite Internet in Pennsylvania

Searching for faster Internet that’s also more consistent than cable? With HughesNet® satellite Internet in Pennsylvania, you can get just that. HughesNet in Pennsylvania offers download speeds that are faster than dial-up, clocking in at 25 Mbps1. And since satellite Internet service doesn’t rely on a network of fixed wires like cable does, Pennsylvania customers can feel confident that their service will give them the speed they need every time. This also means that you can enjoy HughesNet almost anywhere in Pennsylvania, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns. And if you regularly stream music and videos, share photos on social media, or utilize any other high-bandwidth activities, HughesNet’s Gen5 Internet has you covered. Gen5 is a cutting-edge, high-speed Internet service that gives you the power to do more with your time online.

HughesNet vs. Cable or Fiber

Satellite Internet from HughesNet is available to all Pennsylvania residents no matter where you live—even in places cable can’t reach. While cable and rural DSL services use networks of phone lines and fixed cables to deliver your Internet signal, HughesNet satellite Internet is beamed directly to your device, meaning you can enjoy speedier, more dependable Internet service, 24/7. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky, which means even customers in rural parts of Pennsylvania can enjoy a satellite Internet connection. And with HughesNet® Gen5 satellite Internet, everyone in Pennsylvania can do more with their Internet, since Gen5 gets you faster download speeds and browsing capabilities that allow for higher bandwidth activities.

HughesNet Phone Bundle

Bundle with Phone

Looking for superior phone service in Pennsylvania? Bundle your Internet with a HughesNet Voice plan and you’ll enjoy a dependable satellite phone service that won’t drain your bank account. Keep your existing number and take advantage of free premium features such as call waiting, unlimited calling in domestic US and Canada, caller ID, call forwarding, and more. Just as HughesNet delivers a fast, pristine satellite Internet connection, HughesNet Voice in Pennsylvania delivers clear calls over your satellite connection and doesn’t interfere with Internet use or affect your monthly service plan data.