's AI Policy

Accuracy & transparency: our commitment

At, we prioritize providing accurate and reliable information about satellite internet. We leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence), such as ChatGPT-4 and Gemini, to assist in content creation, but all information undergoes rigorous editing and fact-checking by our editorial team. We see AI as a valuable tool but not an expert source. We believe in transparency, so any content with significant AI contributions will be clearly disclosed.

How we use AI responsibly

Internal data only: The AI tools operate and produce exclusively from data on our website. This structure ensures information is relevant and aligns with our expertise in satellite internet. editing team: AI assists with content creation and the analysis of existing data for crafting drafts. Our editors—the real subject matter experts—always review, fact-check, and add their in-depth knowledge to reflect maximum accuracy.

Product analysis: AI won't replace crucial aspects like product testing or full story writing. Our talented staff remains core to the process to ensure originality and trust. 

For more information

If you have questions about our AI policy or practices, please contact us at