Your State’s Most Googled Thanksgiving Recipe of 2019

’Tis the season to start loosening your belt! To whet our appetites, wanted to know what people across the nation will be making for Thanksgiving.

Using data from Google Trends, we took 20 of the most popular Thanksgiving foods, went state by state to find their search trends for the month of November, and came up with a winner for all fifty states and Washington, DC.

Ready to see what people are craving? Let’s get cooking!

Thanksgiving Map 2020

America’s most googled Thanksgiving recipes

According to our results, here are the most popular Thanksgiving dishes ranked by number of states who like them best. (Don’t hate us if your neighbors didn’t google your famous potato salad recipe, Martha.)

  • Mashed potatoes: 10
  • Jell-O: 8
  • Green bean casserole: 7
  • Mac and cheese: 7
  • Sweet potato casserole: 5
  • Roast turkey: 4
  • Pecan pie: 3
  • Cranberry sauce 2
  • Cornbread dressing: 1
  • Honey baked ham: 1
  • Sausage gravy: 1
  • Candied yams: 1
  • Gravy: 1

What we learned

Most people mash: From coast to coast, the glorious and simple mashed potato won as the recipe with the most states searching for it. Whether you’re enjoying them as a side with gravy or hurling them in a food fight, mashed potatoes make most meals better.

Jumpin’ for that jigglin’ Jell-O: Jell-O is an American tradition that’s a favorite in states ranging from West Virginia all the way to Idaho. And that includes Utah, of course, where Jell-O is the official state food.

Mean green bean casserole: If you’re not a fan of the green creamy goodness with a crunchy layer on top, you’re just not grateful for great combinations. Seven different states made searching for this sloppy side a priority.

Return of the mac and cheese: Although it comes in many forms, everybody’s enjoyed a bowl of mac and cheese at some point in their lives. Tied for third in Thanksgiving popularity, we think people are probably just trying to upgrade their mac game.

Not pumped on pumpkin pie: We were surprised to see an absence of pumpkin pie as any state’s most searched recipe. Maybe it’s such a staple that people don’t need to search for it—at least beyond their local Village Inn.

Happy Turkey Day: Only four states made turkey their top topic for recipe searches, which may or may not be a big deal. Are more people opting for a vegan option like Tofurky? Or does nobody need a recipe for a Thanksgiving turkey? It’s hard to say. Just make sure you don’t burn the house down, and we won’t ask any more questions. 

We’re stoked to try out some Cajun cornbread dressing like the folks in Louisiana. And we can’t be mad that pecan pie was the only pie search that won a few states. (It’s our personal favorite too.) 

Are you aligned with your state’s favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Your state’s favorite Thanksgiving recipe

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AlabamaSweet potato casserole
AlaskaCandied yams
ArizonaMashed potatoes
ArkansasPecan pie
CaliforniaMashed potatoes
ColoradoGreen bean casserole
ConnecticutMashed sweet potatoes
DelawareMac and cheese
District of ColumbiaMac and cheese
FloridaSweet potato casserole
GeorgiaHoney baked ham
HawaiiRoast turkey
IllinoisMashed potatoes
KansasGreen bean casserole
KentuckySweet potato casserole
LouisianaCornbread dressing
MaineCranberry sauce
MarylandMac and cheese
MassachusettsRoast turkey
MinnesotaMashed potatoes
MississippiSweet potato casserole
MissouriGreen bean casserole
MontanaGreen bean casserole
NevadaGreen bean casserole
New HampshireMashed potatoes
New JerseyMashed potatoes
New MexicoGreen bean casserole
New YorkMac and cheese
North CarolinaMac and cheese
North DakotaMashed potatoes
OklahomaPecan pie
PennsylvaniaRoast turkey
Rhode IslandRoast turkey
South CarolinaMac and cheese
South DakotaMashed potatoes
TennesseeSweet potato casserole
TexasPecan pie
VermontCranberry sauce
VirginiaMac and cheese
WashingtonMashed potatoes
West VirginiaJello
WisconsinGreen bean casserole
WyomingSausage gravy
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