What Every State Googles on Valentine’s Day 💝

Ah, Valentine’s Day. You either love it or hate it. It’s the day to revel in romance—or curse the lack of it. Over half of Americans celebrate the holiday, painting a rosy picture of a nation seduced by love. But what are people really thinking about on Cupid’s day?

Our recent analysis of Valentine’s Day search trends shows this holiday can spark more trouble than bliss. It would seem Americans are more preoccupied with breakups and reality TV than planning candlelit dinners or romantic getaways.

Here’s what your state is searching for on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's day infographic

Should I stay or should I go?

If Valentine’s Day makes you fight, cry, or daydream about your ex, you aren’t alone. In 23 states, “break up” is the most popular Valentine’s Day search term: California, Arizona, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Washington, and 14 other states are a little heartbroken on the day of love. Maybe that’s why 43% of people plan to buy themselves chocolate on the holiday.

Is all this chatter about breakups a coincidence? Maybe not. For many couples, Valentine’s Day can act as a catalyst—pushing them closer or further apart—resulting in a higher number of breakups. The upside? If you’re single, you’ll have more selection after the dust settles. 😉

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Apparently, the slogan is true: Virginia is for lovers. “Poetry” is the top search in 12 states with a reputation for romance, including Virginia, Hawaii, Louisiana, South Carolina, Maryland, Texas, Oregon, Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, and New Hampshire. Are these states truly the most romantic, or are they just filled with sweet talkers? Your call.

Will you binge The Bachelor with me?

Colorado, Utah, Maine, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin can’t get enough of The Bachelor. (We’re guessing that watching cringe-worthy flirting makes people feel better about their own love lives.) And in Nevada, home to the Marriage Capital of the World, residents are searching for “romantic movies.”

Un-break my heart

With all the breakups at this time of year, it’s no surprise that people plunge into online dating around Valentine’s Day. South Dakota and Alaska are googling “Tinder” while Washington, DC, prefers “Bumble.” Idaho’s most popular Valentine’s Day search is “free dating apps.”

Valentine's day infographic

Last-minute gifts

Oops, is that today, dear? Four states are still shopping for Valentine’s gifts on the day itself. “Chocolate gifts” top the search list in Montana, while Vermont is googling “gifts for him.” Rhode Island’s top search is “free Valentine’s cards,” so if you’re dating someone from the Ocean State, remember that it’s the thought that counts.

Is it a match?

Do your Valentine’s Day searches match the most popular Google searches in your state? Or are you an original? Share your thoughts below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


The team at SatelliteInternet.com used Google Trends to review top searches on Valentine’s Day in 2019. We analyzed the queries state by state to produce a list of each state’s most-googled Valentine’s-related term.

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