Hooters? Trump Valentine? See What Your State Googles on Valentine’s Day

Making a move on your secret crush? Taking that special someone for a nice dinner? Every Valentine’s Day plan could use a little research.

With emotions high and futures at stake, people turn to the all-knowing relationship expert for advice—Google. From finding and expressing love to handling its aftermath, these are the things people across America want to know on the day made for reveling in romance.

Your State’s Most Popular Search on Valentine’s Day

map of what your state googles on valentine's day

Seventeen states plan to get to the heart through the stomach.

Most people were googling about food on Valentine’s Day. Some were looking for fancy recipes for lobster, fondu, and filet mignon. Others were looking for a decent restaurant for a romantic dinner.

It also seems that most people know a Valentine’s dinner works better when you make it special. Michigan went a little unconventional but still on point with “heart-shaped pizza.” But North Carolina looked up “Golden Corral prices.” (We wouldn’t be surprised if they found themselves googling relationship advice soon after.)

Illinois and Louisiana either missed the point entirely or decided to make Valentine’s Day a guys night out: they both googled “Hooters.”

Coincidentally, in both Illinois and Louisiana, 25% or more of the population is single men. That puts both of them in the top fifteen states for single men. Is going to Hooters on Valentine’s Day the cause or the result? You make the call.

Twelve states know that poetry and sweet treats never go out of style.

The two most popular searches are a bit more traditional. The terms “poetry” and “edible arrangements” tied as each term was the most popular in three states:

States That Googled “Poetry” the Most

  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina

A love poem is usually a good idea on Valentines Day, as long as it’s not the only romantic thing you do for your partner on the special day.

Other states had similar searches. Mississippi googled “quote about love” and New Jersey googled “Valentine’s Day quotes.” Texas was also looking for poems, but for they had to be “dirty Valentine’s poems.” How else will Texas keep it classy?

States That Googled “Edible Arrangements” the Most

  • Connecticut
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania

Edible arrangements combines the idea of flowers and chocolates into one; chopping two kiwis with one knife, if you will. It’s perfect for indecisive people who want to check all the boxes in a very bland way.

Three other states went in search of sweets for their sweeties but with an emphasis on chocolate:

  • Washington: Chocolate shops
  • New Hampshire: Lindt chocolate
  • Colorado: Russell Stover

Vermont googled “Ben and Jerry’s”—but it’s easier to imagine a person eating ice cream alone on Valentine’s Day while they lament past romantic mistakes than giving it as a gift. Sorry, Vermont. Your search history betrays you.

Six states struggle with the difference between sex and love.

Along with Illinois, Louisiana, and Texas searching for dirty stuff, Massachusetts and Wisconsin both googled “dirty valentines.” Meanwhile, Rhode Island searched for the not-so-tactful joke or holiday known as “Steak and a BJ Day.”

Four states are just plain lonely.

Deleware, Idaho, and Kentucky all googled dating apps or sites, looking for love.

Perhaps saddest of all the searches was Kansas, googling “broken heart syndrome.” We feel you, Kansas.

The rest of them are taking care of all the little extras.

Most of the rest of what states googled on Valentine’s Day were grooming tips or services and free cards, along with a few others.

Utah, the state with the lowest percentage of single adults, searched “Brazilian waxing.” Gotta keep those marriages spicy somehow.

West Virginia must’ve been trolling or going for laughs by searching “Trump Valentine.”

Finally, Arizona and Tennessee googled “venereal disease” on Valentine’s Day. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they were just getting some clarification after someone asked them what they were doing for VD.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope it’s filled with love in one way or another.


First, we used Google Trends to see what was searched the most on Valentine’s Day for the past five years. We listed each term that remained popular all five years and added any related searches. Lastly, we ran them back through Google Trends to find out which states had the highest search volume for each term.

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