Get the Best in Rural Internet with is one of the nation's premier online HughesNet® retailers. Our goals are to give you great deals on HughesNet service and to provide an easy way for you to order. We work hard to ensure that your order is filled quickly so you can enjoy HughesNet‘s wide range of services in your home.

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Clearlink® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sykes Enterprises, Inc. with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have over 10 years of experience in the satellite internet business. uses sound business principles to establish itself as one of the best and most dependable online retailers in the market. is open Mon—Fri 7am—8pm PST, Sat 8am—8pm PST, closed Sunday.

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"...It's relatively cheap and it's not dial-up, which is a huge difference..."

- Kimberly A.

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"It's exciting to provide high speed Internet to our customers that normally wouldn't have access to it."

- Tommy H.

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"Every call is a new opportunity to let people know what an awesome service HughesNet is."

- Kyla S.

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"I love helping customers discover just how beneficial HughesNet can be, and I pride myself on being able to effectively answer just about any questions a customer may have about HughesNet."

- Laticia E.

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"Everyone should have access to high speed internet, and with HughesNet, everyone can. It's great to be able to help people get access to the internet."

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