Best Cell Phone Boosters for Your Home, RV, or Car

Bring your cellphone service into the wilderness—or out to the farm—with a signal booster.


Dropped calls? Spotty signal? Only one bar? Mobile phone booster to the rescue! These little tech wonders strengthen cellphone signals with an antenna that you’ll mount to the outside of your home, cabin, truck, or RV. A signal booster can eliminate dead zones in your house, or connect you to that far away cell tower.

There are hundreds of cellphone signal boosters out there, so we’ve narrowed them down to the highest performing boosters for the money. Here are the best cellphone boosters for home and vehicle use.

Best cell boosters

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Best for condos and small spacesBest for large homes or cabinsBest for cars and trucksBest for RV
weBoost® Home RoomHiBoost 15K Smart LinkweBoost Drive SleekweBoost Connect RV 65
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How can I improve cellphone service in rural areas?

Rural areas often have a weak cell signal caused by fewer cellphone towers and challenging terrain (think: forests, rolling hills, mountains, etc.). You can sometimes improve cellphone service in rural areas with a signal booster.

Cellphone signal boosters strengthen weak cell signals, thanks to an antenna that you’ll mount to the outside of your home. The outside antenna communicates with an inside antenna to strengthen your cell signal inside your home or vehicle.

A signal booster isn’t magic—it can’t create a mobile signal out of thin air in the middle of the jungle—but if you have poor or spotty service, it might be just the ticket to clear cellphone reception.

Best booster for condos and small spaces

weBoost Home Room
  • Easy installation (no drilling)
  • 5G ready
  • Small coverage area (up to 1,500 sq. ft.)

The weBoost Home Room Cell Signal Booster improves cellphone signal coverage inside a home, cabin, or small office. It’s best for one room only, so keep it in the room you’ll need it most or opt for a bigger model. It will strengthen your mobile phone signal by up to 32 times. And it can broadcast it to multiple users and carriers—although they do all need to be within one room. 

The kit includes an exterior antenna (for your roof or exterior wall), an interior antenna, and necessary cables and mounting hardware. If you need a booster that covers multiple rooms or a bigger area, check out the larger models that cover up to 7,500 sq. ft.

As long as you have at least a minimal cellphone signal at your home, you can count on the Home Cell Signal Booster to make it a bit better. And when 5G rolls out in your area, your booster will be ready since it has built-in 5G capacity.

Best booster for large home or cabin

HiBoost 15K Smart Link
  • Huge coverage area (up to 15,000 sq. ft.)
  • LCD screen for simple troubleshooting
  • High price
  • Difficult installation

If you have an ample-sized cabin or a business in a rural area, the HiBoost 15K Smart Link is worth checking out. It amplifies cellphone signals in homes and offices—covering up to 15,000 sq. ft. Compatible with all major US and Canadian cellphone carriers, it boosts signals to multiple devices (and from multiple carriers) simultaneously.

One drawback is that it may not perform well with older data formats (3G and 2G). So if your home is located in an area with an older data network, it may not be effective. (You can check your area’s data network here.) Also, installing a HiBoost 15K Smart Link is an involved process that requires reading an 19-page installation manual. (Yikes!)

A big bonus of this model is that it’s supported by an app, which makes troubleshooting and monitoring simple. You can download the app to your phone and then remotely adjust settings as needed.

Best budget booster for cars and trucks

weBoost Drive Sleek
  • Costs less than most boosters
  • Mounts to car air vent
  • Works with only 1 device at a time
  • Not 5G ready

If you’re looking for a single-device cell signal booster for your truck, RV, or other vehicle, we recommend the weBoost Drive Sleek (470135). This compact cellphone booster increases your cellphone signal by up to 32 times. It’s a low-priced option (around $200) that mounts inside your vehicle and has an expandable cellphone cradle that fits most smartphones.

While it won’t give a signal to multiple devices at the same time, it’s ideal for people who travel regularly through places with bad cell coverage. The weBoost Drive Sleek is made for truckers, delivery drivers, RVers, and people who work on the road. You’ll experience boosted signal strength, voice quality, and data speed.

Best booster for RV

weBoost® Connect RV 65
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Increases cellphone battery life up to two hours
  • Designed for stationary use (when your RV is parked)

Designed specifically for RVs, the weBoost Connect RV 65 allows you to make calls, find campsites, and send messages in areas with only a weak cellphone signal. It can be installed on a motorhome or towable RV, including road haulers, horse trailers, and toy haulers.

It works only when the vehicle is parked, as the 25-foot telescoping mast needs to be extended while in use. Also, the antenna needs to be swiveled to point to the nearest cell tower (don’t worry, you can swivel the pole easily when standing next to your RV or trailer).

Best booster for remote areas

Cel-Fi Go X
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Increases cellphone battery life up to two hours
  • Designed for stationary use (when your RV is parked)

If you need a booster that can strengthen your signal inside your home or cabin in a rural area, the Cel-Fi Go X is worth checking out. It’s the most powerful signal booster available, giving you up to 100 decibel gain.

Keep in mind that it requires permanent installation, so it isn’t the type of booster you can bring with you to an Airbnb. But if you have a home or business in an area with middling cellphone service (only one or two bars), the Cel-Fi Go X can boost it better than any product on the market.

It can boost only one carrier at a time—and it doesn’t work with Sprint—so if you have a group of friends visiting your cabin, you’ll have to pick your favorite, and then manually switch between carriers as needed.

Best booster for first responders

King Extend™ LTE/Cell Signal Booster
  • Fastest network speeds
  • Multiple exterior mounting options included in kit
  • Not 5G ready

There’s a reason why this cell signal booster is trusted by first responders. It’s a powerful vehicle cell signal booster that’s easy to set up and works for a team of devices.

Like many other boosters, the King Extend LTE/Cell Signal Booster is compatible with all major US mobile phone providers. Like the HiBoost 15K Smart Link, it can support multiple devices on multiple carriers, simultaneously, so it’s a good option for a construction crew or a team of archeologists.

The external antenna needs to be mounted to the vehicle. Included in the kit is all the hardware needed for mounting it on a pole, roof, or ladder.

The only downsides we could find to the King Extend LTE/Cell Signal Booster are the price (around $475), and that it’s not 5G ready. But since 5G cellphone service isn’t likely to blanket the nation’s remote areas in the next five years, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker for most.

Final take

We recommend the weBoost® Home Room as a good all-around solution for folks who need better bandwidth in the basement. (Got to keep those kids gaming! Otherwise they’ll come upstairs and need more pizza.)

And for road warriors who need to strengthen their mobile signal between towns, we recommend the weBoost Drive Sleek. It’s easy to install and does double duty as a cellphone signal booster and a smartphone holder. Double the pleasure, double the fun, right?

FAQ about cellphone boosters

How can I fix a poor cellphone signal inside my house?

If you get dropped phone calls or text message delays in your home, you might have a dead zone, which can be resolved by a signal booster. Check cell service in and around your home. If you have a decent connection outside your place but you lose it once you come inside, a signal booster can help. But if you have no service outside your home, look into switching cellphone service providers because a booster won’t help.

Will a signal booster help me get cell service in my home in the mountains?

If you already have cell service at your mountain home, it will likely help. Boosters are recommended for people who live far from a tower but still in the direct line of sight. If you live deep in a canyon where cellphone service isn’t available, it probably won’t help.

Should I get a booster or an external antenna for my RV?

External antennas are a much cheaper option for your RV than cellphone signal boosters, but antennas will work only in areas with moderate cellphone service. If you have two or three bars already, you could try the NETGEAR 6000450 MIMO Antenna. If you have fewer bars than that, look into a cellphone booster.

Will a signal booster work with my Sprint mobile phone plan?

It’s likely that your signal booster won’t work with your Sprint mobile phone plan Parts of the Sprint network utilize a cellular phone frequency that cannot be boosted, as per government regulations in the US.

Why do I need a signal booster?

You might need a signal booster if you have spotty cellphone service in your home. This is evidenced by dropped calls, slow data speeds, delays in sending or receiving text messages, or poor audio quality during phone calls. Poor cellphone service can happen anywhere—even in the middle of the city—and it’s annoying. Signal boosters are also a good idea for people who live in rural areas or travel frequently via RV.

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