T-Mobile RV Internet

T-Mobile Go5G Plus
T Mobile
  • pro
    Starts at $90.00/mo.
  • pro
    50GB high-speed data
  • pro
    Decent price for 5G service
  • pro
    50GB limit on high-speed hotspot data
T-Mobile 10GB hotspot data
T Mobile
  • pro
  • pro
    10GB high-speed data
  • pro
    Low cost
  • pro
    Not much data to work with
T-Mobile Home Internet
T Mobile
  • pro
    Starts at $40.00/mo. with qualified mobile plan
  • pro
    Unlimited 5G data
  • pro
  • pro
    Must be registered to an address

Dave Schafer
Aug 04, 2023
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Getting connected on the road has always been a challenge. These days, however, you have more options—including 5G mobile internet from cell providers like T-Mobile.

T-Mobile offers speedy 5G plans and generous data caps (including some unlimited options) that can make RV internet an actual pleasure to use.You have three main ways to use T-Mobile for RV internet: cell phone plans, dedicated hotspot plans, and 5G home internet service.

Each T-Mobile service has its pros and cons, and any of them could be a great RV internet option. But how does T-Mobile stack up against other tried-and-true options like satellite or Wi-Fi boosters? Let’s find out.

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Why T-Mobile for RV internet?

RV internet has long been dominated by satellite internet and, if you’re lucky, the occasional campground Wi-Fi network. However, as mobile internet has improved, it’s brought new options to campers and road warriors for connecting on the go.

Compared to satellite internet or campground Wi-Fi, T-Mobile (and other mobile providers) often offer faster speeds—and compared to most satellite plans, the data caps are significantly more generous. In fact, T-Mobile’s top plans offer unlimited data with up to 50GB of that at high speeds.

In fact, of the major satellite providers, only Starlink offers performance in the same ballpark as 5G mobile internet. Of course, you’ll pay for it—Starlink is very expensive and still difficult to get.

There’s also the possibility of future enhancements as T-Mobile continues to improve its cellular technologies. 6G is coming, eventually, and while we don’t know what it’ll look like yet, one thing is sure—it’ll be fast.

T-Mobile compared to other cellular providers

Compared to the other major mobile internet providers, T-Mobile is the only one to offer unlimited hotspot data, which is what you’ll be using to get your devices connected. Although AT&T and Verizon both offer plans with more high-speed data, once that’s gone, you’ll need to pay to continue using the internet. With T-Mobile, you can keep using it (albeit at a reduced speed) as much as you like.

T-Mobile also offers exceptionally wide coverage with its 5G networks, which means travelers should have coverage in more remote places. You can check out the T-Mobile coverage map for more specific details on the areas you frequently visit.

T-Mobile cellular plans

T-Mobile, like most providers, has simplified its offerings in recent years. It currently offers three cellular plans: Essentials, Go5G, and Go5G Plus.

Hotspot data
High-speed hotspot data
View plans
EssentialsStarts at $60/mo.UnlimitedNone
Go5GStarts at $75/mo.Unlimited15GB
Go5G PlusStarts at $90/mo.Unlimited50GB

Of the three, the Go5G Plus plan is probably the best for most RV users, particularly if you intend to use your internet connection a lot—the difference between the high-speed 5G data and the slower unlimited data can be substantial.

Note that these are cell phone plans, so you’ll be using your phone as a mobile hotspot. This generally works just fine, but it does drain the battery quite a bit. This might make it a less-than-ideal solution if you need to use the hotspot away from power.

T-Mobile hotspot data plans

If using your cell phone as a hotspot isn’t practical, or you simply need more high-speed data than what the cell plans offer, T-Mobile also offers tablet and hotspot plans that can supplement your RV internet usage. These plans are highly affordable and offer a lot of data that can be used with either a cellular-enabled tablet or a dedicated hotspot device, either of which can be purchased from T-Mobile.

There are three plans to choose from, starting at $10 per month. The plans don’t have names the way the cell packages do—instead, they’re simply sold based on price and data.

View plans

The $30 plan is definitely the best deal in terms of cost per GB, and it’s also the most usable due to the higher limit. That said, if you can get away with less, you can save some money with one of the cheaper options.

T-Mobile Home Internet

Finally, T-Mobile offers a 5G home internet service, called T-Mobile Home Internet (creative, we know ). This is an excellent service overall, with fast speeds and wide coverage at a great price—particularly if you have a qualifying T-Mobile cell plan. There are three tiers of T-Mobile Home Internet. The plans aren’t too different—the only variances are the price and a few perks, based on which T-Mobile cell plan you have.

Required T-Mobile plan
View plans
Go5G, Magenta, Essentials$50/mo.Unlimited6 months of Apple TV+
Go5G Plus, Magenta MAX$40/mo.UnlimitedNetflix, Apple TV+

As you can see, people with no existing T-Mobile cell plan pay more for the service and don’t get any perks, while those with higher-tier plans get a better deal. However, even the $60 for the most expensive package is a steal compared to many other home internet options. Speeds can easily match cable in the right places. That’s the catch, though: the speed you get varies widely from spot to spot, depending on T-Mobile’s infrastructure in your area.

The other issue with T-Mobile Home Internet is that you’re required to provide the address you’ll be using the service at when you activate it. This is the only address that’s approved by T-Mobile. Some users online have managed to get around this restriction, but it’s technically a violation of the terms of the service, so we don’t advise it. 

For that reason, T-Mobile Home Internet is probably best left to your actual home, rather than your RV. However, there may be one scenario where it makes sense—if you spend a lot of your RV time in a single location, you could register this address for the service and use a hotspot when you’re away from this travel base. 

Alternatives to T-Mobile for your RV

If T-Mobile isn’t for you, there are plenty of other ways to get internet in your RV. Here are some of the best portable internet options:

  • Other mobile internet providers: Verizon and AT&T both offer their own mobile and hotspot plans. These are fairly similar to T-Mobile’s, although only T-Mobile offers truly unlimited hotspot data (that we’re aware of). Verizon also has a solid home internet option.
  • Campground or other public Wi-Fi: Although the quality varies widely, many campgrounds and RV parks these days offer public Wi-Fi to guests. And, in a pinch, you can always hit up the local coffee shop. You can also use Wi-Fi boosters in your RV to improve the signal of any available networks.
  • Satellite internet: Satellite internet offers a way to get internet nearly anywhere, including in an RV. There are no cell towers or other infrastructure to worry about—all you need is a clear view of the sky (and the right equipment). The downside is that satellite tends to be slow or expensive or both.

There’s not a single right answer for which RV internet option is better. Cellular providers are affordable and have wide coverage, but there will inevitably be dead spots—especially in remote areas. Campground Wi-Fi is often free, but the performance can be lacking. Satellite is available almost anywhere but suffers from steep data caps and high costs.

Ultimately, the best solution may be a combination of two (or even all three) of these. For example, you could use T-Mobile or another mobile internet on the road, and then connect to Wi-Fi in campgrounds that have poor reception.

Rev up your RV internet with T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers several compelling options to help you stay connected on the road. Whether you opt for a cellular plan, a dedicated mobile hotspot, or a home internet package, you’ll find a T-Mobile package that fits into your RV life and budget

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