Starlink quietly doubles the price of its Mobile-Global plan

Andreas Rivera
Jun 04, 2024
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Using Starlink overseas just got a lot more expensive.  In May, Starlink alerted customers that it has doubled the price of its Mobile-Global plan, raising it from $200 to $400 per month. Customers with the plan have shared recent emails from Starlink, stating that their plans will increase in three months. Customers in other countries, such as Australia, were informed of even bigger increases. The price hike is effective immediately for new customers.

The Mobile-Regional plan remains unchanged at $150 a month, and the Mobile Priority plans, which allow for international use and on the ocean, have remained unchanged as well.

The email message from Starlink mentions that affected users can return their kits for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, or for a 50% refund if returned within the first year. “Thanks for being a customer and for your continued support of Starlink!” the email adds.

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While customers can still change the service plan for their Starlink dish to the Mobile-Global plan within their account, the plan is no longer displayed on the website as an option to sign up for immediately.

This change comes as a big shock to users who are not just globetrotters, but who also use the Mobile plan to sidestep their home countries’ restrictions on Starlink. Some countries bar Starlink from operating within their borders—rules that many customers have been able to circumvent up until recently.

In late April, Starlink announced it would begin stricter enforcement of its terms and conditions which prohibits customers from using its service in unauthorized countries. Those users would typically buy and activate the Mobile plan in a neighboring country where Starlink is allowed, then take it to their home country on the same continent. The Mobile plans are more expensive, with lower speeds, but they still work for many users in countries where reliable internet options are scarce.

Dish owners who have been using Starlink Mobile-Regional for more than two months outside the country where it was activated now have their service restricted unless they change their account to an approved country. When changing from a Standard, fixed-location plan to a Mobile plan, it cannot be switched back to the Standard at the same location to avoid constant switching. According to its website, Starlink’s location rule applies to all Mobile plans.

It’s unknown if the recent price change is related to this effort to prevent Starlink from being used in unauthorized countries: SpaceX and Starlink have not made any official announcement about the price hike outside the email to its customers. However, doubling the price does prevent many people from obtaining and using the Global plan.

We will continue to update this story with more Starlink news and pricing changes, as it develops.

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