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HughesNet for Business Plans

All plans run at 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speed1


Which HughesNet for Business Plan Is Right for Me?

Data Plans
Plan Descriptions

Business 35

25 GB Daytime Data + 10 GB Anytime Data

Ideal for several users with multiple devices and basic internet needs.

Business 50

25 GB Daytime Data + 25 GB Anytime Data

Ideal for 5 users with light to moderate business internet usage.

Business 75

25 GB Daytime Data + 50 GB Anytime Data

Ideal for up to 5 users with more intensive business connectivity needs.

Business 150

50 GB Daytime Data + 100 GB Anytime Data

Ideal for up to 10 users with heavy-duty business data needs.

Business 250

50 GB Daytime Data + 200 GB Anytime Data

Ideal for 10+ users who need a robust data plan to keep business running.

Features of HughesNet Gen5

HughesNet® Gen5 is a new generation of Internet service that uses advanced satellite technology to bring your business higher speeds, more data, and other features to help you improve productivity. Now you can run online programs more efficiently, collaborate more with clients and co‐workers, stay better connected with customers over social media, and more.

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Faster Speeds

HughesNet for Business plans now come with 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds1—which are faster than some available DSL speeds.


Daytime Data

Daytime Data helps you complete key daily tasks including email by reserving data specifically for business hours (8am–6pm local time).

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Anytime Data

Anytime Data lets you schedule data‐heavy tasks after hours to save Daytime Data. It can also serve as backup in case you exceed your Daytime Data.

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No Hard Data Limits2

If you use all your data before the month ends, we won’t shut off service or charge extra. Continue using data at a lower speed for the rest of the month.

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Video Data Saver12

This feature keeps video streaming from eating up valuable data by automatically adjusting picture quality. Now, watch 3x more video than before.

HughesNet built-in wi-fi

Built-In Wi-Fi & Free Installation*

Service comes with a dual‐band integrated modem and router, plus a .98‐meter satellite installed for free by an experienced enterprise technician.

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Save When You Add HughesNet Voice to Your Order

Get Voice services over the HughesNet Gen5 satellite network to enjoy advanced features and save on your bill. When you bundle today, you can take advantage of the following savings:

  • Get $50 instant savings on equipment** Offer ends 9/26/18.
  • Save up to $5 per month for 24 months5 Offer ends 9/26/18.
  • Free setup and activation on your phone5
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