Your State’s Most Googled Thanksgiving Recipe in 2020

’Tis the season to start loosening your belt! Holiday feasts are just around the corner, and whether you will be visiting loved ones or celebrating at home, we hope that good food is on the menu. 

To whet your appetite for holiday cooking, analyzed Google Trends to find the most searched Thanksgiving recipes in every state.

Ready to see what people are craving? 

Thanksgiving DIsh infographic

America’s most googled Thanksgiving recipes

This year, as CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines discourage the huge potluck holiday parties of past years, Americans are craving traditional holiday favorites.1 

Here are the most popular Thanksgiving recipes ranked by the number of states that like them best: 

  • Mashed potatoes: 14
  • Mashed sweet potatoes: 6
  • Sweet potato casserole: 6
  • Jell-O: 6
  • Green bean casserole: 1
  • Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows: 1
  • Roast turkey: 3
  • Pecan pie: 3
  • Cranberry sauce: 1
  • Cornbread dressing: 1
  • Honey-baked ham: 1
  • Candied yams: 2
  • Gravy: 5
  • Classic stuffing: 1


What we learned

Most people mash—From coast to coast, mashed potatoes were the most sought-after recipe. Whether you’re mashing sweet potatoes or the classic Idaho russett, mashed potatoes make most meals better. 

More potatoes, please—Sweet potato casseroles are also a favorite across the nation, with Alaska insisting on marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes. Candied yams are also a favorite.

Gravy soothes the soul—Grandma makes the best gravy, but many of us can’t quite make it like she does. So, it’s off to our friend Google to figure out how to make this simple yet essential Thanksgiving staple.

Pecan pie—Although pecan pie is the only pie that landed on the list, we hope that there will be plenty of pie in all varieties this Thanksgiving. Pecan pie reigns supreme in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, while other states have regional pie specialties of their own. 

Jumpin’ for Jell-O—Jell-O is a hundred-year American tradition that’s a favorite in states ranging from Hawaii all the way to Wisconsin. 

Decline of green bean casserole—This year marks a decline in searches for green bean casserole recipes, with the side dish taking first place in just one state (Montana), down from first place in six states last year

Where are the rolls?—We noticed that homemade rolls don’t feature in any state’s top searches this year. We hope this means that local bakeries are getting a lot of business for the holidays! 

Happy Turkey Day—Roast turkey is the top search in only three states, which could mean that more of us are going vegetarian, but it could also indicate that people are talking to friends and family rather than Google for fail-safe directions on this holiday classic. 

Are you aligned with your state’s favorite dish? Let us know in the comments.

Your state’s favorite Thanksgiving recipe

Swipe left to see all →
AlabamaSweet potato casserole
AlaskaSweet potato casserole with marshmallows
ArizonaMashed potatoes
ArkansasPecan pie
CaliforniaMashed potatoes
ColoradoMashed potatoes
ConnecticutMashed sweet potatoes
DelawareRoast turkey
District of ColumbiaMashed sweet potatoes
FloridaSweet potato casserole
GeorgiaHoney baked ham
IdahoMashed potatoes
IllinoisMashed potatoes
KansasMashed potatoes
KentuckySweet potato casserole
LouisianaCornbread dressing
MaineCranberry sauce
MarylandCandied yams
MassachusettsMashed sweet potatoes
MinnesotaMashed potatoes
MississippiCandied yams
MontanaGreen bean casserole
NevadaMashed potatoes
New HampshireRoast turkey
New JerseyMashed sweet potatoes
New MexicoMashed potatoes
New YorkMashed sweet potatoes
North CarolinaSweet potato casserole
North DakotaMashed potatoes
OklahomaPecan pie
OregonMashed potatoes
PennsylvaniaClassic stuffing
Rhode IslandMashed sweet potatoes
South CarolinaSweet potato casserole
South DakotaGravy
TennesseeSweet potato casserole
TexasPecan pie
UtahMashed potatoes
VermontRoast turkey
VirginiaMashed potatoes
WashingtonMashed potatoes
West VirginiaGravy


  1. Deliso, Meredith, “CDC Issues Robust New Thanksgiving Guidance as Cases Surge in US,” November 2020. Accessed November 11, 2020.
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