Viasat Customer Service

You can get internet almost anywhere with Viasat satellite service—even if you live far beyond city limits.

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Jul 21, 2023
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Call Viasat customer service

Viasat’s customer service line is open 24/7, whether you’re calling with connection problems, you need help with tech support, or you have a billing question. You can also get help with moving or cancelling service at this number.

Viasat customer service email and live chat

You can email Viasat customer service at with questions, tech support issues, or to learn more about Viasat internet plans. Emailing Viasat is good for people who want to send off a question and get the answer within 24 hours.

If you need immediate help, use Viasat live chat. To reach Viasat's live chat, you'll first need to log in to your My Viasat account.

Contact Viasat technical support

✆ 855-463-9333

Can't get an internet signal? Is your Viasat router on the blitz? You can contact Viasat technical support anytime of the day or night. They’re also available 24/7 on live chat.

Sign up for a better internet plan

If your Viasat speeds just aren't cutting it, even after Viasat troubleshooting, it may be time to consider upgrading your plan. Viasat recently increased its data plans all the way up to 500GB, so it's not a bad time to consider it.

Best for basics
Our Rating
3.5 out of 5 stars
• Price: $49.99-$174.99/mo
• Download speed: 25Mbps
• Data: 15–200GB/mo
• Installation fee: Free
Most recommended
Our Rating
4 out of 5 stars
• Price: $69.99–$299.99/mo
• Download speed: 25-100Mbps
• Data: 60-500GB/mo
• Installation fee: Free

If you've already tried upgrading Viasat and aren't satisfied with the price, try switching to HughesNet. HughesNet recently introduced Fusion plans that blend its satellite internet service with lower-latency fixed wireless technology for better reliability. Check out its plans using the button above, review the latest HughesNet deals, or read our HughesNet Review for more.

Want more options? Enter your zip code below to check out all the best internet providers in your area.

Contact Viasat business support

✆ 855-313-4111

If you need assistance with your Viasat Business internet service, contact the business care number above for quicker service. Got issues with that annoying hold music? We get it. Old-school email is sometimes less annoying. Email Viasat business support at

Viasat for government, aviation, and IDIQ contract vehicles

Viasat is a reliable solution for internet in remote, rural, airborne, and marine environments. If you are a commercial aviation customer, a government customer, or an IDIQ contract vehicle operator, visit the Viasat Contact Us page for personalized support. Specialized Viasat Wi-Fi support is also available to the US Navy.

Pay and view your Viasat bill

To pay your Viasat bill online, log into My Viasat (your Viasat account). But make sure the bill is not already paid—your amount due will be automatically deducted each month using the payment method you provided when you signed up. If your account number changes or you need to use a different payment method, you can pay it online.

To change your payment method, log into your account and select “View or Pay Bill.” Then click “Payment Method” and click “Edit.” From there, you can enter a new card or account number.

You can also contact customer service by phone to edit your payment method.

What to prep before you call

  • Have your Viasat account number handy. You can find this on a recent billing statement.
  • You may need a pen and paper to take notes about the call.
  • Have your new address if you’re calling about moving your service.
  • If you can’t find your account number, they can look up your account number with the phone number associated with your account.

Viasat installation

When you sign up for satellite internet service with Viasat, you’ll need to have professional installation—which is free of charge in many cases. Standard installation is covered by Viasat, which is available to customers who live within 50 miles of an installation technician and do not need special adaptations to install the Viasat dish receiver on the roof of their home.

Installation details

Your installation technician will arrive with all the equipment and tools necessary to install your new Viasat service, including a Viasat modem/router, a satellite dish, cables, and weather proofing materials. 

  • Plan for two to three hours for your installation appointment.
  • Someone over the age of 18 needs to be at the home during installation.
  • You and your technician can decide the best place for the satellite dish.

The satellite dish receiver can be installed on the roof, on a side wall of the house, or in the yard on a pole. It needs to be at least four and a half feet above the ground and have a clear, unobstructed view of the southern sky. For more information about the Viasat installation process, check out Viasat’s installation video.

Learn about Viasat internet service

Viasat is a satellite internet provider popular in rural and hard-to-reach areas. The Viasat satellite system makes internet service available to virtually all residents of the US. You don’t need to live in the suburbs or the city center to get it—no cable wiring is required. You don’t even need to have a phone line. Click here for our Viasat FAQ page.

Like other satellite internet services, Viasat is typically slower than cable or fiber internet and has limits on how much full-speed data you can use every month. You won’t get cut off if you exceed your data allotment for the month, but your speeds will slow significantly. Also, VPNs and fast-paced multiplayer games don’t work well on satellite internet because of the latency (or delay in data transfer) of satellite connections.

Learn more about Viasat Internet:

Viasat FAQ

What is the phone number for Viasat Internet (formerly Exede)?

The phone number for Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) is 1-855-810-1308. Viasat offered satellite internet service under the brand names Exede and WildBlue until 2017, when a new satellite system was launched and all residential internet service was rebranded as Viasat.

How do I cancel my Viasat service?

If you are moving or need to cancel Viasat Internet, you will have to call the Viasat customer service number (you can’t cancel online). Call 1-855-810-1308 to discontinue service and get instructions for returning Viasat equipment. Make sure you return all equipment within 30 days of disconnecting the internet to avoid paying equipment non-return fees of up to $300.*

The phone agent can also tell you if you will need to pay an early termination fee (ETF), which is billed to customers who do not fulfil their two-year contract. Viasat ETF structure is simple: $15* per month for every month remaining on your contract. So if you cancel a year into a two-year contract, you’ll pay $180.*

If you are a business customer and need to cancel Viasat service, contact Viasat Business Care at 1-855-313-4111.

How can I contact Viasat satellite internet company?

You can call Viasat customer service at 1-855-810-1308 anytime of the day or night for questions about service or with tech support issues. You can also contact Viasat by live chat or email at

*Data as of 12/21/20. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

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