What is Satellite Internet and How Does It Work?

Satellite Internet is a faster way for people in rural communities, or otherwise out-of-the-way areas, to connect to the internet. Satellite Internet speeds are roughly ten times faster than dial-up, with the additional benefit of not tying up phone lines. In other words, with satellite Internet, you can browse the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time.

How does satellite Internet make it possible to surf the Internet without tying up your phone line? Simple: it’s a relay system.

Instead of your modem hijacking your telephone line to communicate with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your computer is connected to a small satellite dish on your property. That satellite dish sends a signal to a larger orbiting satellite that passes the Internet request down to the satellite hub of your ISP known as a Network Operations Center (NOC). The request is then sent back through the same route, with the web page you requested showing up on your computer screen.

Each time you do a Google search, check your email, or pull up a web page, be it from Amazon or your local news organization, the relay is the same.

Since the satellite dish on your property is connected to your computer, and not your phone line, satellite Internet lets you browse the internet and still make and receive telephone calls.

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