Best RV Satellite Dishes for RVs and Tailgating

Best stationary satellite TV antenna for RVs
Best in-motion satellite TV antenna for RVs
Best satellite TV antenna for tailgating

Dave Schafer
Apr 18, 2023
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Which satellite antenna is ideal for watching TV on the road?

The best satellite dish for your RV depends on your satellite TV provider (DISH or DIRECTV?) and whether you need a stationary, in-motion, or portable setup to match your mode of transportation.

Once you know where and how you’ll be using the satellite antenna dish to get TV on the road, we’ve got options for every situation.

Which over-the-air antenna is best?

Best for
Satellite provider
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Best stationary satellite TV antenna for RVs

Winegard TRAV'LER



Best in-motion satellite TV antenna for RVs

Winegard RoadTrip



Best satellite TV antenna for tailgating

KING One Pro



These antennas are all a little pricey, but they offer convenient features like multiple outputs and flexibility in service provider. Plus, they all have automatic satellite tracking, so they’ll search out a signal for you. Let’s take a look at the picks!

Best stationary satellite TV antenna for RV: Winegard TRAV'LER

Best stationary satellite TV antenna
Winegard TRAV'LER
pro Automatic tracking: Yes
pro Maximum receivers: 3
pro Compatible providers: Either DISH or DIRECTV
pro In-motion use: No
pro Fully automatic satellite tracking
pro Hands-free collapse—just press a button
pro Supports DIRECTV HD
con No universal version
con Only usable when RV is stationary

If you’re looking for a powerful antenna with all the bells and whistles, the Winegard TRAV’LER is it. There are two versions, one for DIRECTV and one for DISH, and they support full HD programming for each provider. It also supports multiple receivers, so you can watch different programs on multiple TVs using just the one antenna—perfect for long camping trips with the extended family.

The main downside is that since each TRAV’LER is geared toward a single service provider, you’re essentially locked into either DISH or DIRECTV. And for installation, there’s no coax cable included to connect to your receiver, so you’ll need to supply your own.

More RV Antennas

Winegard offers more RV antennas than what we've featured on this page. If you're not satisfied with those here, go ahead and search--there's probably a match out there for you.

Best in-motion satellite TV antenna for RV: Winegard RoadTrip

Best in-motion satellite TV antenna
WineGard RoadTrip
pro Automatic tracking: Yes
pro Maximum receivers: 2
pro Compatible providers: DISH and DIRECTV
pro In motion use: Yes
pro Automatic satellite tracking
pro Universal antenna—works with DISH and DIRECTV
pro Compact size
con No access to DIRECTV HD
con Roof-mount only

For watching TV while you’re riding along in your RV, the Winegard RoadTrip offers the best overall experience. It’s the best option for folks who want entertainment while in-motion (the other satellite TV receiver dishes don’t work while the vehicle is moving). And it’s domed, so you don’t have to worry about scraping it on a tree branch or other campground items. And it supports both DISH and DIRECTV, so you have the freedom to choose your provider and switch whenever you like.

As a nice bonus, it’s available in both black and white, so you don’t have to ruin the look of your RV with an unmatched dish. Plus, this satellite TV antenna comes with a 25-foot coax cable and 25-foot power cable for easy installation.

Best satellite TV antenna for tailgating: KING One Pro

Best satellite TV antenna for tailgating
King One Pro
pro Automatic tracking: Yes
pro Maximum receivers: 2
pro Compatible providers: DISH and DIRECTV
pro Portable: Yes
pro In-motion use: No
pro Portable—can be roof-mounted or tripod-mounted
pro Works with both DIRECTV and DISH
pro Automatic satellite tracking
con Supports fewer receivers than some models

The KING One Pro is our pick for the best tailgating antenna for several reasons. First, it’s compatible with both DISH and DIRECTV, so you aren’t stuck with a single provider. Second, it’s fully automatic, so you’re ready to watch with just a button press—no need to fiddle with aiming the dish while your friends stare awkwardly. Finally, it’s got a super convenient handle that makes carrying the dish much easier while you find a setup spot with a clear view.

Check out all the KING satellite antennas on Amazon

What about satellite internet for RVs?

You can get more than satellite dishes for more than TV in your RV. Satellite internet for RVs is now a possibility too, with Starlink Roam. You can get both in-motion and stationary version of Starlink Roam (formerly called Starlink RV), but the in-motion equipment is particularly expensive. If its cost is too prohibitive, you can check out other ways to get internet for your RV.

If you just need portable internet to support your on-the-go adventures, check out our Portable Internet guide to check out your options. There are more than you think.

What to look for in a satellite dish

Satellite antennas are generally pretty straightforward devices, but there are a few important features you should look out for.

Automatic tracking

One of the biggest headaches with satellite dishes is aiming them to properly maximize signal strength. Automatic satellite dishes are able to track orbiting satellites and aim themselves to receive the strongest possible signal. These antennas generally cost more than their manual counterparts, but their ease of use more than makes up for it if you’re often changing locations (like traveling with an RV or sailing on a boat).

A dome cover

If you want to watch TV in your RV while you’re moving, you’ll need a special type of antenna with what’s known as a dome cover. The dome serves two purposes: it protects the antenna and it prevents the wind from causing interference. Domed dishes also make handy portable antennas for tailgating or camping thanks to the dome’s protection.

DIRECTV HD compatibility

Not every satellite antenna that supports DIRECTV can receive an HD signal—even if you have an HD receiver. Due to the type of signal DIRECTV uses for HD programming, an antenna needs a special receiver. For this reason, most universal dishes that support both DISH and DIRECTV support only standard definition DIRECTV programming.

If you want to watch DIRECTV in HD, you’ll need an antenna specifically designed for it’s signal, and these typically work with only DIRECTV. That’s the reason the Winegard TRAV’LER has two versions: one fully supports DISH, while the other fully supports DIRECTV.

If you’re a DIRECTV customer, make sure you double-check the specs for any antenna you’re considering to make sure you can get the most out of your service.

Our verdict

There are several great satellite antennas on the market, depending on how you want to use them. If you’re looking for an RV-mounted dish, the Winegard TRAV’LER or RoadTrip are excellent options. If you’re looking for a portable antenna for tailgating and camping, the KING One Pro is just the ticket.

Satellite TV dish for RV FAQ

What is the best portable satellite dish?

The KING One Pro is the best portable satellite dish for its universal compatibility, convenient carrying handle, and automatic tracking.

Will my DISH Tailgater work with DIRECTV?

No, your DISH Tailgater won’t work with DIRECTV. For DIRECTV compatibility, you either need a universal antenna like the KING One Pro or a DIRECTV-specific dish like the Winegard TRAV’LER.

Does DIRECTV have a portable dish?

DIRECTV does sell a portable satellite dish kit, but you can also buy more advanced dishes from other manufacturers like KING and Winegard that are both portable and powerful. Check out Winegard’s tailgating dishes.

Can I get a Ku-band antenna dish that works for TV and internet (such as Starlink)?

You can get several Ku-band antennas for satellite TV and some for internet, but there aren’t any Ku band satellite dishes that work for both internet and TV. You’ll need a separate Ku-band dish for your satellite TV service and another for your internet.

Does the DISH Playmaker Dual work while driving?

No, the DISH Playmaker Dual satellite TV dish doesn’t work while you’re in motion—you must have the vehicle parked for the satellite antenna to pick up a signal. This model is a good option for tailgating (with a tripod) or for roof mounting on your RV (although bear in mind that your passengers can’t get a signal while the vehicle is moving).

Can I use a Prodelin satellite dish to get DIRECTV in my RV?

No, most satellite dish antennas made by Prodelin are not designed to be used for satellite TV in RVs. Prodelin manufacturers quality satellite dishes for satellite internet service and TV, but they are not designed for in-motion use or for mounting on an RV.

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