How to Contact Starlink Customer Service

Easton Smith
Nov 18, 2023
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Are you having issues reaching Starlink satellite internet customer service? All you need to do is tweet all of your complaints @elonmusk. Just kidding. There are better ways to get in touch with Starlink if you’re having issues with your internet.

The best way to reach Starlink customer service is by using the company’s mobile app. We’ll go over this and other options in detail if you’re not finding success with the app.

But first, a word of warning: We don’t suggest contacting Starlink by phone. Unlike other satellite providers, like Hughesnet and Viasat, getting a Starlink customer service agent to pick up your call is nearly impossible.

Best option: Use the app

According to many Reddit threads, YouTube commentators, and my friend who uses Starlink in rural Vermont, the best way to get in touch with customer support is through the Starlink app.

Most SpaceX Starlink customers will already have the app on their devices. But if you don’t, go to your app store and download the Starlink app. It’s free and should download quickly.

Screenshot of Apple app store Starlink app download

Image source: Author’s screenshot of Apple app store Starlink app download

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it up and scroll down to the Support tab. Once you’re there, you’ll see a list of options, like Orders and Setup & Install. You can click on these options to find the answers to common questions that Starlink customers have.

But if you already know that you just want to contact Starlink customer service, then scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on the tab that says, “Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Starlink support.”

Note: You might see older articles on the web that say you need to click on a specific problem and then click the thumbs down icon in order to start a ticket with Starlink customer support, but that is no longer the case. 

Screenshot of Starlink app support tab

Image source: Author’s screenshot of Starlink app support tab

Once you’ve clicked on the Contact Starlink Support tab, you’ll be prompted to sign in (assuming you haven’t already). This can be an issue if you haven’t signed up for Starlink yet or you are having problems logging into your account. If that’s the case, skip down to the third option here (“Email”).

When you’re signed in, you can submit a request for help. The form is quite simple, with just a subject line and a box to write about your issue. You can also attach a picture to further explain your problem.

Once you’ve submitted your ticket to Starlink’s support team, you should receive a response in a few days. (Although some customers have claimed that it can take up to three weeks!)

Backup option: Contact Starlink through the website

If you don’t have your phone with you or you just prefer to handle your business on a computer (which I know is true for me), then you can complete a similar request for support from Starlink’s website.

Screenshot of Starlink's customer support web page

Image source: Author’s screenshot of Starlink’s customer support web page

When you go to, you’ll see a drop down menu (three vertical bars) in the upper right hand corner of the page. Click on it and select Support. From there, you’ll be taken to a page with several different topics and a list of frequently asked questions.

There is where things can get a little tricky. Unlike the mobile app, the website doesn't have a button that you can click on to directly submit a support ticket. Instead, you’ll have to click on the support topic that most closely corresponds to your issue.

Find the specific subsection that deals with your issue. You might find that you just need to reposition your Starlink dish or reset your router. However, if your issue is not solved after reading the support pages, you can submit a ticket online.

First, you’ll need to sign in. (If you can’t sign in for whatever reason, go to the section below about emailing Starlink support.) Once you’re signed in, you’ll notice that there are buttons at the bottom of each troubleshooting page that ask "Did this answer your question?" and have thumbs up and thumbs down icons.

If you click on the thumbs down icon, you’ll be taken to a page where you can submit a customer service request to Starlink. As in the app, the support form is simple, with just a subject line, a text box, and a place to upload photos.

Final option: Email Starlink

As we said in our introduction, we never recommend trying to call Starlink because they don’t have a working customer support line. So, if you’re not having any luck on the app or the website, your final option is email.

Write a short, clear, and respectful (being angry is understandable, but it won’t help you here) email about your issue and send it to You can attach screenshots or other images to the email if you think it will be helpful.

Many users have reported success with this email, but it’s by no means a guarantee. Starlink is notoriously sketchy about customer support, and it seems like many emails simply slip through the cracks.

How does Starlink compare to other kinds of internet?
Light Bulb

If issues with Starlink are starting to pile up, you might wonder how the service compares to other kinds of internet. We’ve got you covered. You can read our in-depth reviews of how Starlink stacks up against fiber internet, 5G internet, and even other satellite providers, like OneWeb, Viasat, and Hughesnet.

Never try to call Starlink support‘s phone number

We’ll say this one last time: Starlink doesn’t have a working customer support phone line. If you Google “How to contact Starlink,” “Starlink support number,” or “Starlink contact number,” then you may see the number +1-855-753-2495 pop up. This is not the Starlink support number you want.

That 855 number is the customer service number for Subaru’s in-car information system that, awkwardly, has the same name as Starlink but isn’t actually associated with SpaceX and doesn’t provide satellite internet.

Troubleshooting issues with Starlink yourself

While Starlink offers an incredible service—superfast internet that you can tap into pretty much anywhere on the planet—it doesn’t always work as well as you might want. If customer reviews are to be believed, there are many things that can go wrong with Starlink service.

Some of the most common complaints are about laggy service, disrupted connections, and Wi-Fi issues. We’ll go over a few simple fixes that sometimes work when you’re experiencing these issues. You can also find many helpful answers on Reddit—or emailing us.

Diagnosing the problem

One of the first things you should do when you’re experiencing issues with Starlink internet is to check your internet speed. If your speeds are more than 20Mbps, then your connection to the internet is probably fine and your issue might lie elsewhere, like with your computer, web browser, or other equipment.

If your speeds are interrupted frequently, are very slow, or your internet isn’t working at all, then you’ll need to try some fixes. Let’s start with the obvious.

Check Starlink status

Is Starlink down? Sometimes there are system-wide issues with Starlink due to a planned outage or an unexpected disruption. Before you go through all the trouble of adjusting your equipment or trying to reach customer service, check the unofficial status site for Starlink to see if it’s down.

Check your data usage

While Starlink doesn’t have hard data caps that will totally cut off your service, your data speeds can be deprioritized if you’re using a lot of bandwidth. Your rate of deprioritization will depend on your plan. This is common for satellite internet providers, though some people might prefer the plans offered by other companies.

So, if you’re experiencing slower than normal speeds from Starlink, it may be because you’ve been binging too much Netflix in HD.

Ready for an upgrade?

Starlink’s offers several different services that fit the needs of different customers. If you’re fed up with your normal Starlink service, check out Starlink Roam or Starlink Mobility.

Check your equipment

Many Starlink customers have reported that the most important factor in determining good service is the location of your dish. If there are major disruptions (trees, structures, tarps, UFOs, etc.) then your service can get very spotty.

Luckily, the Starlink app has a really great feature that can help you diagnose and fix issues with obstructions. Once you’ve logged into the app, click on the Obstructions tab and you can see a three dimensional representation of your dish and its connection to satellites. 

You’ll also want to make sure that all of your cables are properly connected and that your router is turned on (a quick reset of your router can sometimes work wonders).


Starlink customers know that weather can really affect the strength of your signal. Snow, hail, rain, and wind can disrupt your internet.

Removing snow and excess water from your dish can help strengthen your connection. While there is a built-in heater in most Starlink dishes, keeping it in a place that’s less cold can help with ice and other weather related issues.

Solving Wi-Fi issues

If your satellite connection looks strong and there are no reported outages, then there could be a problem with your Wi-Fi network rather than your connection to Starlink satellites.

Be sure to check the power connection of your router. If it’s plugged in and has a power light, try restarting the device. If you’re still not able to connect to the Wi-Fi network, consider buying a new router.

Is there anything better than Starlink?

Starlink has some of the best coverage and fastest service in the satellite internet industry. But the issues with customer service, the steep prices, and the data caps can turn some customers away. So, what are the alternatives?

If you’re planning to stick with satellite internet, then we highly recommend checking out Hughesnet or Viasat internet. Both Hughesnet and Viasat are available nationwide. Hughesnet has super competitive prices and Viasat’s speeds are impressive.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how Starlink compares to these other two satellite providers.

Data cap
Download speeds
Get it
$49.99–$79.99/mo.Unlimited dataFree50–100Mbps

There could be another satellite internet provider on the market soon enough. Amazon Project Kuiper is expected to launch sometime in the next six years, so keep your eyes peeled.

Starlink vs. 5G Home Internet

If Starlink has soured you on the idea of satellite internet altogether, you might be interested in a 5G home internet alternative, like T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service. It has a wide coverage area and is great for those who are trying to transition away from satellite internet but don’t live in areas serviced by wired internet.

To see a full list of the internet service providers that are available in your area, use our nifty zip code tool right here.

Enter your zip code below to see all the best internet options in your area.


When we write a review, we always strive for accuracy, readability, and concision. We want to help you find the answer to your question as quickly and easily as possible, so that you can get on with the more important things in life. Like snacks and watching the new season of the Great British Baking Show.

We began the process of writing this article on Starlink customer service by talking with people who’ve used the service and reading hundreds of customer reviews. We also tested the service ourselves and learned everything we could about the common issues that Starlink customers have. We then worked through the honestly quite frustrating process of submitting online tickets with Starlink.

We conveyed everything that we found to you, the reader. We hope that you’ve found this guide helpful!

Starlink customer service FAQ

What happens if you cancel Starlink?

Starlink doesn’t require customers to sign up for a year-long contract or anything, so you can cancel at any time without any penalties. However, it’s important to know that when you cancel you have to return your Starlink kit and you’ll lose your place in any waitlists you were on.

How do I get my deposit back from Starlink?

Those who paid a deposit to get on the Starlink waitlist can get their money back if they cancel their reservation. To do this, request a refund through your Starlink account before the equipment kit is shipped. After the shipment has been sent you won’t be eligible for a refund on your deposit.

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