How to Contact Hughesnet Customer Service

Kristin Cooke
Jan 30, 2024
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Hughesnet customer service number

Hughesnet’s customer service phone number is 866-482-1777 and available to call 24/7, whether you’re calling to get help with tech support, report an outage, or ask a billing question. You can also get help with moving or cancelling Hughesnet service at this number.

Hughesnet live chat

But for a shorter wait time, we recommend skipping the phone and using Hughesnet’s live chat. (Just be patient while they connect and ask you the same question a few times in a row.)

Hughesnet email

If your item isn't urgent—and if you want an easy way to have a written record of your issue—you can submit a support ticket, and Hughesnet will respond to you via email within 24 hours.

Enter your zip code to see what other internet providers are available in your area.

Sign up for a better internet plan

If you're running into speed issues that can't be resolved via Hughesnet troubleshooting, then it may be time to upgrade your Hughesnet plan. The company recently upgraded all its data tiers without increasing prices, so it's a good time to switch.

If you've already tried upgrading and have decided Hughesnet just isn't the satellite service for you, try switching to Viasat. You can call their office for more information on Viasat deals, plans, and prices below, or read our Viasat Review.

Best for basics
Our Rating
3.5 out of 5 stars
• Price: $49.99–$94.99/mo
• Download speed: 50-100Mbps
• Data: Up to 200GB
• Installation fee: Free
Most recommended
Our Rating
4 out of 5 stars
• Price: $99.99–$119.99/mo
• Download speed: 25–150Mbps
• Data: Unlimited
• Installation fee: $0—$300

Contact Hughesnet technical support

Call: 866-482-1777

Live chat


Hughesnet technical support is open 24/7 and can help you with any internet connection problems or technical issues. If your equipment doesn’t seem to be working, or the cat knocked over the modem again, just call customer service and request technical support. 

If you want to discuss ideas related to your internet provider, or get help from other Hughesnet customers, check out the Hughesnet Community forum.

Although managed by Hughesnet, customers leave honest comments here about how well the service works and ways they’ve found to save on data, troubleshoot devices, and more.

Hughesnet Business customer service

Call: 800-347-3272

Hughesnet for Business has a dedicated phone line, so you can skip the main customer service number and jump into the business support line instead. If you have a government account, press “1” for specialized support.

Pay and view your Hughesnet bill

Hughesnet billing phone number

Call: 866-347-3292

Call the number above with questions about your bill like the payment date, or to make a payment by phone, or to switch an automatic payment to another payment method.

When you sign up for Hughesnet, you’ll provide a credit or debit card that will be used to automatically process monthly payments. You can sign on to your Hughesnet account at any time to view your bill or change your payment card.

If there’s a problem processing your payment, you can contact Hughesnet directly to make a payment and avoid having your service cut off (which will incur an early termination fee) and prevent your bill from going to collections.

How do I pay my Hughesnet bill online?

View your recent bill by clicking “My Account” at the top of the Hughesnet home page. From there, click “My Bill.” You’ll need to enter your account number and password.

Using the Hughesnet App

Hughesnet allows you to manage several aspects of your account with its mobile app, available for iOS 9 or later or Android 4.4 and up. Download the app from the from the App Store or Google Play, then login with your Hughesnet account information.

The Hughesnet App gives you access to your account and billing information, even allowing you to pay your bill through the app. Other features include being able to monitor your data usage and immediately purchase data tokens if you're low on priority data.

The app also has built-in support resources and shortcuts to call or live chat technical support.

What to prep before you call Hughesnet

No one likes being on long customer service calls, but everything goes just a bit faster if you have all your information ready ahead of time:

  • Your Hughesnet account number
  • Your billing address
  • The model/make of your router (if you're having connectivity issues)

You can find your account number on the top left of your most recent billing statement. You may also be asked for your billing address to confirm that you are the customer. If you’re having connection problems, be sure to have the information on your modem/router ready as well.

Hughesnet satellite internet installation

Hughesnet does not offer self-installation, since it's more complicated than just plugging in a modem. Getting satellite internet requires having a satellite dish installed onto your roof, on the side of your house, or somewhere in your yard. You'll also need to run cables through your walls to connect your modem to the dish and then weather seal the equipment and cables. 

When you sign up for Hughesnet, you'll make an installation appointment. Installation costs $99, unless you buy all your equipment up front (which is $499) instead of leasing it. If you buy your equipment, Hughesnet waives the $99 installation fee. 

Having Hughesnet installed takes roughly two to four hours, and you need to have someone over the age of 18 at your home throughout the installation. You can track your technician’s arrival time precisely with a link Hughesnet will email or text to you. 

Your Hughesnet technician will arrive with everything needed to get your internet set up, including a Hughesnet satellite dish (which is approximately 35 inches in diameter), mounting brackets, up to 125 feet of coax cable, your Hughesnet modem, and other required hardware. 

  • Hughesnet standard installation includes configuration of two devices (such as a laptop, computer, tablet, or other device).
  • Additional devices can be added to the network fairly easily by most customers, but if you want the technician to add all devices, it costs extra.

You and the technician will determine the best location for the satellite dish, which needs to be at least 4 feet and 5 inches above the ground and no higher than 25 feet above the ground. The dish needs a clear view of the southern sky, which means you can't install it on a roof that’s covered by overhanging trees.

More Hughesnet support resources

Did you know?

You can get regular email or text message updates about your family's data usage. To sign up, go to “My Account” on the top menu bar, and click on “Notifications” in the drop-down menu. You can select to receive messages by text or email, and you can adjust when you want to receive notifications.


Learn more about Hughesnet internet service

Hughesnet is a satellite internet provider and is available to almost all of the US population. It doesn’t rely on terrestrial infrastructure like fiber, cable, phone lines, or land-based cell towers. Satellite internet is beamed down from space to a receiver that's usually mounted to your home so you can watch Netflix and YouTube. (And work. And watch the news. And take online classes. And did we mention Disney+?)

Here are some resources to answer more of your questions about Hughesnet satellite internet plans. 

Hughesnet FAQ

Can I cancel Hughesnet?

Yes, you can cancel your Hughesnet satellite service but you may need to pay an early termination fee (ETF) of up to $400 if you haven’t fulfilled your two-year contract. 

If you cancel your Hughesnet internet within 90 days of activation, your ETF will be $400. Every month after 90 days, your ETF will go down by $15. So if you cancel Hughesnet after 13 months of service, the ETF will be reduced by 10 months ($150), so you’ll pay a $250 ETF. If you cancel in month 23, your ETF is $100. But if you wait until month 24, you will not pay an ETF at all.

To cancel your Hughesnet internet service or find out when your contract is up, call customer service at 1-866-347-3292 or contact them by live chat or email.

How do I access my Hughesnet account?

To access your Hughesnet account, go to My Account. You’ll be prompted to sign in with your account number (listed on the top left of your bill) and your password. Once you’re in your account, you can view or pay your bill, check your data usage, and review other account information.

How do I contact Hughesnet customer service?

For most folks, the easiest way to contact Hughesnet customer service is by phone at 1-866-347-3292. but there is less on-hold music (we get annoyed by those cheesy upbeat tunes too!) if you use live chat or email

How do I email Hughesnet?

You can email Hughesnet customer service on its site. To prevent spam, emailing Hughesnet requires a reCAPTCHA (this one is easy, folks—just click a box saying you’re not a robot). You can expect a reply within 24 hours.